Shadbelly for the long waisted

Help a girl out here, please!
I currently have the AA motionlite shadbelly. Nice shadbelly, light… but I find it cuts me at THE WORST ANGLE possible and I look like a stuffed Oreo cookie.
I’m a size 12/14 normally, long waist, with my weight being in my belly of course!… is there a shadbelly that won’t make me look terrible?

Failing that, tips or tricks? Spanx recommendations?? :wink:

I had the same problem with looking like an Oreo cookie even though I am a tall thin old bird! Ultimately, I sewed my own Shadbelly and added length to the bodice and tails (probably too long but I wanted my tails to touch my boot tops. They do). But you could also try two other remedies: make or buy longer vest points. Usually they are 2.5 inches. Make them 3.5. Second idea is a shirt that has a leotard type bottom to keep it pulled smooth. I sew elastic strips with Velcro on my show shirts that do the same thing: hold the shirt tail down smoothly. Oh! Of course see if u can find high waisted white breeches!!!


Those are some great tips!! Thank you!!

I’ve only tried the hunter shad, but RI Classics makes a tall size that helps with this problem.

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Thanks!! I’ll take a look!