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Sheet suggestions to keep clean before an event

My horse is turned out all night. What’s a good sheet to keep him clean without being too hot? I have a rainsheet, but I’m wondering if a fly sheet will do the trick.

Lots of people use Kool coats. They are a white cotton (?) sheet, tough enough for turnout. They come with or without attached necks. Not waterproof of course. I use one on a gelding who is really tough on his blankets and no damage one year in. They wash up really well too.


Another vote for Kool Coat sheets (by Weatherbeeta). I also have a Kool Coat Airstream, that has mesh lower sides and is almost as cool as a regular fly sheet, but more durable and poop-stain resistant.

I have various other mid-weight cotton sheets too, by Amigo or other brands, that are good for overnight summer use.


The Mark Todd Summer Sheets are pretty nice. You can find them if you search in line.


i like the airflow mesh combo.


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Kool Coats have always been my go to. I’ve even been known to them on under blankets, particularly on light colored horses, to keep their necks cleaner. They are much cooler than the average fly sheet (I used them for years as daily fly sheets), and I think they keep out more dirt, since they aren’t mesh.

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I like the Kool coat as well (I have a mostly white horse so keeping him clean is a big battle). But one of the circingle hooks came off after only a few uses. So be prepared to have to repair it.

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I think your best bet is the Rambo dustbuster. Works against flys and dirt, and its not hot in the summer.
I have one I use for show nights, it also protects your braids. Had it about 7 years and still good as new.


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The fly sheets actually do a surprising job of keeping them clean, even if they roll. I think the mesh-type fabric moves a lot on them, so it tends to slake off any dirt/debris pretty well. I’ve used it on my guy when I bathe the night before, he is on 24/7 TO and kind of piggy. It works pretty well, and I just run a damp rag on his rump/shoulders if he managed to get dirt in between the sheet and his fur.

I agree about the WB surcingles - my guy must be super busty because he just about popped off the chest piece and a surcingle within the first few uses… BUT he is also a very vigorous roller when he rolls, so I think it’s more him than the sheet. He also popped off the same clasps on his Amigo T/O too so I am willing to believe it is a combination of him being tough and the front stitching on the buckles needing reinforcement. I reinforced the chest clasps on the WB and have had no problem since.

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You can turnout in this?

+1 to the Kool Koats. Yellowbritches turned me on to them when I was at her barn a few years ago, and for my filthy, FILTHY horse, it’s been a godsend for turnout before a show. I only use mine for pre-show use, as my guy is hard on blankets, but I’ve had mine for several years now, used it at least 30 times, and it still looks new.

When I got mine, the only available model was the “Airstream” with the mesh sides, but they’ve brought back the original that’s all solid and doesn’t have any mesh. Both wash easily in a standard washing machine.


They brought back the solid one?!?!

Toby might be getting a happy summer present this year…

I use Kool Coats on all my horses. Keeps them clean and not too hot. They have ones for shows and everyday.

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Yeah, I think I told you last year! :stuck_out_tongue: Only downside is the neck is not detachable…

I can barely remember what day it is, it’s asking a lot to remember things from last year… :lol:

After looking at this thread, I purchased a Kool Coat Airstream with neck, for my Grey Mare, who is very dirty of course. I’m excited for it to come. It was also on clearance! Whopping $60, totally worth trying. :slight_smile:

I ordered the regular one with the attached neck. Can’t wait to try it!

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Absolutely! Tougher than a fly sheet. I don’t turn out if it’s raining though obviously but I wouldn’t do that on a show night anyways lol.

I have a kool coat, it is a nice sheet but doesn’t do the same job as the Horseware.

lady B where did you order from?

I’m worried the hroseware one is too thick for the summer, but would definitely want to feel it before making that decision.

I ordered from Wilton Tack, I googled for voucher, because it’s always nice to get a discount on top of what you’re buying LOL. I found a $10 voucher, and the blanket was already on clearance. They have quite a few right now.

Awesome, Wilton is close to me and they have the best customer service hands down! They also price match if you ever see anything else you like there!

The Kool coat was too hot for my beast in the summer. Then again, he sweats under even the thinnest fly sheets, so YMMV.