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Shipping from MD to TX

Hey all,

I am looking for a shipper for a very sensible 3 yo from Maryland to Texas. What do y’all recommend?

Also, what are the pros and cons of box stall versus stall and a half?

Thanks in advance!

If the $$ don’t make the choice, go with a box stall. I’ve shipped horses from Canada to all over the US, and across Canada (I’m in the west), and they arrive in so much better condition and so much less stressed if they ship in a box stall.

Some shippers don’t ship across country, they ship only up/down coastal areas, so that’s something to keep in mind. I’ve used Hubbard, International, Perry, American (those are the ones I remember). Some will have better schedules than others, some overnight and others don’t (I prefer the ones which overnight, as the horses get a rest). I like air-ride trailers for long distances, but not every shipper offers that option either.

Equine express. I used them east coast to west coast and they run all their routes through TX. Box stall allows them to lower their head and move around. Worth it for a long trip, imho.

I second Equine Express. We used them to move our horses from MA to TX, they were great and horses were in excellent condition when they arrived.

3rd equine express.

4th Equine Express! They shipped my horse between MD and TX numerous times. I prefer a box stall for that length of trip.

would be a natural run for Equine Express their headquarters is in Pilot Point Texas (about 40 miles north of Dallas/Ft Worth)

What part of Texas are you headed …the place is kind of big (the distance from Baltimore to Texas is just about the same distance from one side of Texas to the other)

When we shipped our horses in from Kentucky it took them about a year and half to adjust… if you could delay the transfer unto October they may be better off

Ditto on Equine Express. When I used them (multiple times, but it’s been a while), the drivers were real horsemen, not merely truck drivers, which I appreciated. Horses (including young ones and pregnant mares) always arrived in fine condition.

Equine Express, both in state and cross country (PA to TX). Great experiences both times.

Also agree on Equine Express!! And a box for that far.

Equine Express is great or Kaiser Equine

If you can wait, don’t ship until mid-October. Right now the transition is really really hard on them. I’ve seen a lot of horses ship into Texas take months to recover because it was so hard on their system to arrive in the summer.

Depends on the horse for box or 1 1/2. If they haven’t shipped a lot I find they’re often happier in 1 1/2 because they can lean on the sides to keep their balance.