Shipping Halter help!

My mare has been absolutely destroying her face in the trailer. I currently have her in a nylon halter with the leather breakaway crown and halter fleeces on noseband/cheekpieces. I swear the big fleece pieces just make her sweat and more itchy/fussy! Open to anything as long as it has some sort of breakaway feature. Any suggestions?

How is she destroying her face? Can you pad those areas?

Have you tried her in just a plain leather halter? That’s all I use when shipping, no fleeces or anything.


this fleece, is it synthetic ? we had one horse who was allergic to most of the synthetic products.

I too would use just good leather halter

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How are you tying her? Clipping the tie to a different ring can make a big difference.

You might also try natural fleece tubes if you’re using synthetic ones now.

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Ok, I have a question. I think she would be much happier with the tie attached to the cheek ring of her halter (vs. at the bottom), is that super unsafe? It is a plain bull snap so nothing to really catch on an eye but I am pretty paranoid about eyes!

The cheek ring is fine. Give it a try & see if that helps the rubbing issue :slight_smile:

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I always trailer with it clipped to the cheek ring. I don’t see how the trailer tie clip is any more unsafe there than the throatlatch clip itself is.


I had a horse that was allergic to the synthetic fleeces used on girths and halters, etc. She needed natural sheepskin or nothing.

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