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Shipping horses to France from USA

We are planning on moving our horses to France from the Seattle area. Anyone have recommendations and advice? We hate the idea of 30 days in a quarantine facility. Is there any way around this? Silly question: is there a home quarantine? Also, from what city do we ship? We’re closer to Canada than LA. Love to learn from your guys experience!

Okay - this is probably teaching you how to suck eggs!

30 days in a quarantine facility isnt that long. Really, it isnt.
Quarantine is set up for a specific reason - to maintain bio-security. Europe does not have some diseases that the US does - and vice versa. Horses are kept in far closer proximity - to horses, other livestock and humans - in Europe than in parts of the USA.

Does your horse have a passport? It’s needed to cross into Europe - or even through Europe.
I suggest that you check with the French Embassy in the US - they should have all of the DEFRA rules.

Interesting that, from New Zealand, there is no quarantine entering France - and 30 days coming back! Its all risk based.


Call a major global horse transport team and start asking them these questions. No you can’t get around quarantine, and you can do “at home” quarantine if your home barn is certified for quarantine.


Thanks you guys! Home quarantine sounds like a great idea. I’ve got to figure out how to set it up. I’ll also get them passports!

well most people can not afford the basic requirements…here are few for importing a horse, really have no idea what France requires

To maintain a security fence, that can be locked, surrounding the facility. The fence must be of sufficient height (8 feet or more) and design, as determined by USDA/APHIS/VS, to prevent the entry of unauthorized people and animals from outside the facility and to prevent the escape of the horses in quarantine. The facility and security fence are kept locked and secure.

  1. To provide a quarantine area located inside a secure, self-contained building that can be locked. Access to equine holding areas (such as stalls, pens, etc.) must be from within the building only.

  2. To ensure the facility is guarded 24 hours a day during the duration of the special event, the main gates of the area will be locked at all times. The access of personnel must be controlled until the last quarantined animal has departed. Guards are to be provided by the quarantine facility operator. All guards will abide by and enforce all orders and restrictions issued to them by the inspector-in-charge of the quarantine area.

HOme quarantine isnt as easy as it sounds - you need to be certified by the relevant vet authorities approved by DEFRA. I would go the professional route - they have all of this sorted out already,