Shipping internationally-senior horses

Does anyone have any advice on shipping a senior (24yo) horse internationally?

Travel would be USA to Australia. Horse is in excellent health, still being ridden and shown lightly.

No lameness or health issues.

I have owned him for 20 years and i now live in Australia and he is no longer able to board at the farm that he has been stabled at the past few years, plus it’s expensive to transfer board across every month.

Should I ship him across the pond? :confused:


If you have your own property over here, why not! Otherwise it would be very expensive (depending on where in Australia you are now).

If he trailers well I’d expect him to fly well.

I don’t think bank fee cost is a good reason to move. It’s going to cost more than $10K so the only reason to do it would be sentimentality.

If he ships well and has no health issues, I’d do it. Talk with your vet early about quarantine requirements, vaccinations, and last-minute preparations. For a flight that long, some vets will run fluids before travel.

I would confirm with your vet but I don’t see why not.

Can you ship me over there too?? :wink: