Shipping my horse coast to coast- terrified and need advice.

So I moved out west in August and now it’s time for my horse to join me. I’ll give a brief rundown.
Horse is large thoroughbred gelding with high anxiety. He’s always spun (like his owner lol) and he’s never traveled longer than two hours in a trailer before. He’s very difficult to keep weight on and is prone to ulcers. He’s on omeprazole, and will continue through the trip.
He is shod on all four, and I don’t plan to wrap his legs.

This horse has been with me since day one and I’m so scared sbout shipping him. It sounds silly but I adore him and I’m just always worried about him.

He is shipping in an 8x8 box stall with a large, reputable company who goes coast to coast twice a month. It’s a large semi/transport truck with air ride so he won’t feel much movement and they have cameras in the cab as well as satellite tracking so I can see where they are. They will not be taking a layover but switch vans about halfway through and stop every few hours to check everything and do a visual of all the passengers.

Here’s what I’m wondering:
I know oiling is recommended, but because of the difficulty we have with weight gain, how long before travel and how much should I give him? I don’t want to prevent him from getting any nutrition for too long.
Should grain be stopped 24 hours before travel?
How do I ensure he’s drinking water?
How long after arriving should he not get grain?
How do I stay sane in the meantime?
He’s not great to load, should I have my barn manager give him some ace for loading or is that a no go?

I’m already out here so I won’t be there to load him (which I do believe is best for him) but I want to make sure everything is as stress free as possible and minimize all the risks that I can.

Any and all advice and or feedback is welcomed and appreciated :slight_smile:

Agree with no wraps and box stall and professional mover.

Not sure about oiling - I would ask horses regualr vet for recommendation.

I would not stop grain - but give maybe 3/4 or 1/2 of regular grain as a very wet mash.

I would also ask vet about electrolytes.

I would wait to re-feed grain until after he has had water and pooped.

Drink wine.

No ace - he may very well load fine with professionals that are not personally anxious.