Shipping saddle from overseas

I know there are existing threads on buying a saddle in Europe. My question is how do you ship it over to the US? Most conventional quotas I had render the saddle purchase no longer a good deal. Any experience/ideas? Thank you!

Mine always come via FedEx. In October I received a saddle from the UK and I was charged 125 pounds for shipping by the sender. Not sure if that is what FedEx actually charged.

I bought a Black Country from Ireland - shipping was 65.00, quick and easy.

Had a saddle shipped form Germany to the US via DHL. Took a while, but worked well and was relatively cost-effective.

I bought a saddle from a friend in the England a couple of years ago. He had it packed by the shipper in one of their “storefront” locations and it came to me two days later. Cost was about $75USD, IIRC.

It was not a problem at all.