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Shipping to Canada


Any recommendations for professional shippers that run to Canada? Specifically, I am looking to ship a horse from the US Midwest to Edmonton, Alberta, CA.


International Horse Transport is my favourite hauler, but I don’t think they go to the Midwest. Elliot Horse transport might though, and they are also well run.

I used Elliot to ship a yearling from Oklahoma to Calgary. Although there were some delays in the day he was supposed to be picked up which was frustrating as I was anxious to get the yearling I would use them again for a long haul in an instant. The reason I say this is that the yearling arrived in great condition, and is awesome about loading so I trust that they did a good job of loading and unloading him as he is always eager to hop right on any trailer he is pointed at.

I’ve sent one load in June to Canada and have one to go this Friday by Twilight Hauling. Nikki does a good job and my buyers were happy with her services.

http://www.twilighthauling.ca/ is her contact info.