Shirt garters/stays

Anyone use shirt stays to keep their show shirts in place for ranch riding?

I pin my shirt to my undies.

Not glamorous but it works!

Many years ago…there were body shirts. They stayed tucked :joy:


Looked up shirt stays. What a revelation! I had no idea such things existed!! People must be pretty desperate about keeping shirt tails in, to consider wearing the various weird designs that showed up on Google.

I am with Colorfan, we had body shirts or way back they called them snap-crotch shirts, to keep the form fitting, no wrinkle waist area when riding. You looked very neat all the time, whatever activity you did while riding.

I have to say, I’ve never worn anything like what I just discovered Googling “shirt stays.” They look like they’d be really uncomfortable and impractical for riding.

The show shirts I wear for pleasure, trail and horsemanship classes are a stretchy lycra material and form-fitting. They stay tucked in on their own. But when I did ranch riding with my mare I usually wore cotton shirts like those from CR Ranchwear. The shirt tails are long and the body is very tailored. I think these design features help them stay tucked in nicely. Plus, there wasn’t any extra material billowing out in my lower back.

Besides trying a different brand or style of shirt, you could use safety pins and try what @mrs_beasley suggested. Or do what I’ve done in years past: wear shapewear type underwear and tuck your shirt tails (front and back) neatly inside those underwear. Then pull your jeans or show pants on.


I guess I have NEVER had trouble with keeping my shirts tucked in, for ranch riding, or barrel racing or any event. Of course, I also despise any kind of low rise jeans as they just don’t fit me, so I tend to wear a mid or high rise jean. Maybe that’s the kicker?

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This could definitely be part of it, too. I wear either higher rise jeans (Kimes Ranch) or mid/high rise black riding breeches under my chaps when I show and I’ve never had a problem, either.

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This is also not a problem I have ever encountered. OP, are you very tall/long torsoed or something? If so, perhaps mens shirts might give you more length (assuming you’re not also busty, that is).

At a petite 5’1", my problem is button-up shirts that end up bunched around the crotch of my jeans because they are SO long and sleeves that hang 6" past my fingertips. Lol.

They are a thing with the military, more so officers than enlisted. I had to check this out because hadn’t seen the reference to them in forever. The ones with the loop for your foot were OK.

I can’t imagine riding in them. Really, I can’t. Not sure how they would really work with your knees bent. When I wore a skirt, they got run between the legs, but I wouldn’t want to ride like that.