Shopping at Rebecca Farm?

In a stroke of pure luck, a family reunion will bring me within miles of The Event at Rebecca Farm. What timing!
My great question is: How is the shopping scene there? I’ve never been–are there many booths and vendors? Do they have good sales or is it the usual prices? Specifically, I’d really love a new pair of summer breeches.
Other questions are what days would you go? Who would you most want to see? What would you skip and what is not to be missed?

Lots of fun shopping - a whole tent of “artistic” horse stuff, which is always fun to browse. The Kerrits tent has some great prices, especially Thursday and Sunday! That tent is usually farther away from the others - you’ll have to venture into competitor stabling to find them and a couple other vendors.

GREAT food, lots of food vendors, especially the ones with yummy shaved ice! The place by Kerrits sells the BEST pulled pork. Rebecca Farm is such a beautiful venue, it feels like a vacation in itself! The cross country course is gorgeous, and has a great “Spectator Hill” which makes watching the upper levels easy and fun. Maybe bring some family members - they really cater to everyone, even those not interested in horses!

^What she says!!!

Thank you thank you! That is perfect! Just the information I was looking for!
You read my mind! Kerrits breeches are exactly what I had my eye on :smiley: