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Shopping trip to the Mid-Atlantic

At the risk of opening up a can of worms, I thought I’d post here for a friend who is not normally on COTH. I am going out with her to the southern PA, northern VA, MD, WV area in the next week to hopefully find her dream event prospect. After a lot of heartbreak in the last couple years, she is for the first time really shopping for a horse for herself after having often worked with ones that ended up in her lap one way or another. We definitely have already made some appointments to look at some good prospects, but thought we’d put the word out here in case someone has or knows of the perfect horse. Also, my friend is an experienced trainer, eventer and is an equine vet. Her husband is also a trainer. She has brought a number of horses up to be successful at training level but would like to go further. I’m coming out from WA and she is in CO. The perfect horse would be young, on the smaller size (we are looking at everything from about 15.1 to 16.2), compact and sporty, have very nice movement and mid to upper level potential (at least Prelim). She has traditionally had ottb’s or smaller wb/tb crosses.

Make sure you go to taboo sport horse. They have some nice OTTBS

I sent you a PM.

A few of my clients have some nice prospects right now. I would check in with the following people:
Courtney Cooper/C Square Farm: http://www.csquarefarm.com/

Full Moon Farm: http://www.fullmoonfarm.com/

Glenda Player/Playland Farm: http://playlandequestriancenter.com/

Stephen Bradley: https://www.facebook.com/StephenBradleyEventing/ (we’re updating this today or tomorrow with a bunch of new horses)

Destination Farm: http://destinationeventing.com/

Judybigredpony generally has a nice selection of horses. She has a good eye for a prospect.

Sending you a PM

I don’t know sh**, but will throw some other names out-

yvonne lucas at http://www.redmoonfarm.com

Phyllis Dawson - http://www.teamwindchase.com/forsale.htm

because I adore them, http://www.tebogosporthorses.com/

And of course, the canter m-a horses down in NC (I’m not biased at ALL, no sir, not me!). If not directly from us there are a number of horses with different trainers down there. A couple on here as “still resting” are getting restarted now, too. https://www.cantermidatlantic.org/cma-listings.html

And maybe Katie Willis at http://www.topnotcheventing.com/default.html (though I only really know of her because she usually has one or two horses that came from charles town and were on our listings, so it’s a neat site to watch to see how they develop)

You’ve got a LOT of names thrown at you from the above list. I know you are experienced and so is your friend - but I urge you to pare down to EXACTLY what sort of horse you’re looking for – add some more “must have” ticks next to the list, then re-visit some of the website representing the above names.

I know some of the above MAY have what you’re looking for, and some may not - and if so you may be wasting three or four hours of the day at one spot when you could jump in the car and travel 45 minutes and find the exact right horse at a smaller less visible outfit.

I can give you help with the ground travel, I’m a road warrior in this area - if you have any questions or need help setting up an itinerary that makes sense time wise.

Best of luck! Horse shopping is so cool! You’re lucky! :slight_smile:

Contact Ryan Wood at Woodstock Eventing.

Just make sure you plan ample time for driving. Traffic is terrible. Can easily take 1-2 hours to make a trip that should take 15-30 minutes. Just plan well or you won’t have time to look at anything.

Check out CK Sport Horses near Middleburg. He has nice horses.

Well…Boyd, Ryan, Phillip are all within 10-15 minutes of one another (as is my farm). Courtney Cooper isn’t that far away either. There a ton of horses in this part of Southeastern PA. But price point does matter…as most horses around here are priced a touch higher but are also of pretty high quality. And if you coordinate, people can meet you as well…most know each other.

Along with Canter Mid Atlantic, take a look at Mid Atlantic Horse Rescue.

I bought mine from Destination Eventing and would also recommend Tebogo. Both were pretty upfront about what might suit my needs and didn’t try to steer me to anything unsuitable. Such a pretty area and great horseflesh to be seen!

I say it whenever this type of topic comes up, but Tebogo rocks. Great people, nice horses that are honestly and fairly marketed. They all have good, solid foundations and they know who is most suitable for what jobs. LOVE them. If/when I’m ready to shop, they will be my first (and probably only) call.

So you have a huge range here, and with the names given, you’ll see everything from barely off the track to confirmed training+ horses and price ranges from sub 5k to 50k plus! A lot is going to depend on how green you want and how much you want to spend, honestly, everything else is going to be fit/preference given your specs as a lot of horses could fit the description.

In addition to the good advice above, in the Middleburg area you can see horses from Tebogo, I’d check to see if Phyllis Dawson has any of her homebreds, and some smaller names like Tiffany Catledge at Allforit Farm who often has a nice horses. Not sure if the folks at Morningside have anything right now but they sometimes do; Jenn Simmons also has a few.

We are a dressage barn and have several prospects that want a more interesting career that includes jumping. We live a few minutes from the big names in Chester County, Pa. PM if you want more details.

Have a fun trip!!

Kate Chadderton has two smaller really nice reasonable priced in the barn right now.

I don t want to bring wrath of mods down on me…

But I know Jessica Markowitz at Destination has a horse who meets your request
And Ryan Woods as well…I sold both of them to them…size body type and caliber.

PM if you want horse details