Short dated wormer?

When buying (full price) products online, what is your expectation for expiration dates? In my mind I feel like 6 months should be the minimum but maybe I am off base. I ask because I just bought my fall and spring dewormers. The spring ones are dated 2/2022 :roll_eyes:. I doubt they will be completely inert if I worm in March/April as usual but still pretty annoying.

I am guessing it will not even be slightly inert a month after the expiration date.

It is September, I do not find receiving something that expires in February of the next year to be out of line.


My expectation would be that it is in date. Especially a single use product.
Now if I buying a bottle of 180 pills, to be given once a day…it would be nice if the expiration date was more than 180 days away. But, I won’t be to bothered if it isn’t. After all, you might be buying it for 3 animals, each getting a pill. The supplier couldn’t know that.
Rx drugs are different.


I expect food and drugs to not be expired. If they are going to be “shortly expired” I’d expect that to be noticeable, especially if it’s something that can’t reasonably be used up before that expiry date is REALLY a problem.

Buying a dewormer now comes with a general expectation that it’s going to be used now, not 6 months from now. They can’t help that you’re stocking up for later use, and they can’t possibly know that, or every expiry date past tomorrow or next month would be an issue.

I’m not sure why this is annoying? Besides, using it in March or April, as long as you store it properly, isn’t a problem


I guess I didn’t realize it was that unusual to buy things ahead of time. I literally always order my fall/spring together. I know they sell dewormer yearly packs (even though rotational shouldn’t be a thing anymore). With all the covid related supply chain issues I don’t really feel like tramping around to 15 different tractor supplies to find what I need. I guess this is a personal pet peeve haha.

This question does make me wonder what the typical stamped shelf life of the various dewormer products is. In other words, from the date of manufacture to the date stamped to use by is how long?

(I am not asking how long it is actually good for, I am asking how long it is tested good for that they stamp on the packaging.)

I bought my Fall Equimax about a month ago, and it will be another 2-ish months before I use it, potentially 3. It really isn’t unusual to stock up for the “next time”, but Merial and Bimeda don’t really care, they simply make the stuff and stamp it. Feed stores/online stores don’t care either, they stock according to what they feel the demand will be, and will (hopefully, they’re supposed to) always operate on a FIFO basis - first in, first out. It’s not their fault if there’s a slow down on buying dewormer and then people are “stuck” with the older stuff that’s expiring in 6 months instead of 12 or 18.

The Equimax I got at TSC in mid August-ish has an 08/2022 date on it, and I got the last 4 on the shelf at that time. So, at least 12 months and likely more.

The Strongid I got at TSC in June had a date of 12/2023, and the Exodus (because there wasn’t enough Strongid) was 11/2022, so the Strongid was at least 2.5 years and the Exodus at last 1.5 years

I’ll buy lots of stuff for use later, you should see my people food pantry!, but I never expect the supplier to give me anything other than ‘in date’.
I’m the lady who digs to the back of the shelf at the store…
It would be nice to know though, if properly stored, I wonder how long various types of wormer last after their ‘use by’ date? I know bute declines in a somewhat erratic fashion, but it won’t hurt, it just won’t help. But, I could see paste wormer going bad.

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Most retailers consider 30-45 days short dated and pull product from the shelves. Its a first in-first out situation. We can’t know you are buying product to last until next summer unless you let us know.

Sometimes, we can’t get product that is dated that long in advance. If you need a certain date out, best to call and find out if they have it that long dated.

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I do not administer any medication that is past its expiration date. I assume that any reputable equine pharmaceutical manufacturer did appropriate product stability testing, and beyond the expiration date there may be degradation in the medication reducing its efficacy. In addition, you unfortunately never know how it was treated and stored before it made it to you.

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You don’t know how an in-date drug was stored either.

The vast majority of drugs, and probably all of the ones we can get OTC, don’t become dangerous or less effective the day or week after the expiration date.

Retired pharmacist here. I always got a hoot out of products… especially plain old pills that had a very set expiration date. Like 9/16/2021. Gimme a break. Now for something like biological, I would be a bit more precise. But no, the drug doesn’t just go poof on the expiration date. That is the date the manufacturer can guarantee that the labeled amount of drug is present…within a determined range (for example 110-90%). I personally will keep and use meds that are up to 6 months after the use by date IF they have been stored correctly.

I agree that storage conditions are very important. If you have a med box in the barn and the heat was like here for the summer with 2 solids months of upper 90’s and 100’s, you might want to throw it out even if it is still in date.



Our local free human medical clinic will accept meds that are up to 1 year past their date.

My storage comment was directed to those operations that sell wormers through Amazon and eBay. Particularly at those who are individuals who somehow obtain almost-expired packages from somewhere, and sell them out of their homes. If you have spent any time shopping on Amazon you have come to recognize the difference between as the seller, and an individual selling items on Amazon. I have to believe that the name brand sellers like SmartPak, Dover, ValleyVet, etc. buy direct from the wormer manufacturers and do a decent job of storage before the syringes are shipped out to me.

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