Should I buy this TB brood mare?

So…hmmm…here is her pedigree:

Met her today - seemed very capable as a broodmare and sweet/easy to handle on the ground. 16.0-16.1h. Inexpensive, maybe free (or close to it). Only track trained - hasn’t been ridden for 6-7 years.

She is part of an Arab breeder’s brood mare string producing Anglos for endurance. Currently open. Breeder is retiring - selling his breeding stock.

I love TBs and wish they were more present in the hunter/jumper world today. Alas, I’m a bit of a hypocrite, because although I currently have two TB mares as my jumpers, I have a TB/WB yearling I bred too. And I would be looking to breed this mare to a WB stallion as well. This baby would likely be for sale - unless I couldn’t part with her/him. :slight_smile:

Anyway…please let me know what you think of this Marie’s pedigree…suitability for jumping.

I’m honestly a little surprised she is not a racing broodmare in the northwest where she raced. She was a (very) minor stakes placed winner and her mother was half sister to several graded stakes winners. While she is not going to make anyone rich selling her as a racing broodmare, I have seen far worse catalog pages in the breeding shed. Where is she located?

Otherwise, I think you need to evaluated the horse in front of you… A lot of people on this board will get bent out of shape over the Mr. P… But personally I think she is nicely bred. I’m a sucker for Honor Grades. If she is the “type” you are looking for, go for it!

She is located in Oregon. I really liked her eye, and under all the “broodiness” I think there is a nice horse. Hard decision. She isn’t abused but has I would say been neglected and breed a lot - bit of a rehab project. She doesn’t scream “wow” but I think that’s more because of her circumstance than her structure/conformation.

Do others have experience with Honor Grades as a sire of sporthorses? I didn’t find a lot about him in a COTH forum quick search. Weekend Surprise was a very famous racing broodmare, and I like the photos I found of her.

Also, I kind of like the Conquistador Cielo on her dam’s side.

Anyway, I’m anguishing about this decision. :slight_smile:

You’re probably sick of hearing my opinion, but I’ve had a handful of Honor Grades horses. They all were GORGEOUS, sporthorse types. All of mine were racehorses or broodmares, but were all better than average movers. I imagine, based on conformation and movement alone, that all would have had innate ability over fences. I just like everything about Honor Grades.

Secretariat is generally well-regarded as a sporthorse sire as well. It’s funny, when I’ve been at warmblood inspections with TB mares, the Europeans always comment on Secretariat in the pedigree as a good thing. I don’t know if it’s because they truly value his lines, or if they just recognize his name and know he was an exceptional individual. :lol:

I personally appreciate Conquistador Cielo, and I also like this particular horse’s dam line. There’s a lot of classy horses. And while it’s way too far back to matter IMHO, Bold Ruler and Turn To are very good horses to see for jumping ability.

It’s a nice pedigree. So if she has the conformation and movement to produce what you’re looking for in a WB cross, I would not worry at all about her pedigree. :slight_smile:

It’s quite a nice modern TB pedigree for sport. If the mare is a nice individual there is nothing in the pedigree that would worry me.

One of the very interesting sport lines in the back is First Fiddle. IIRC, he was used for sport horse breeding back in the day.

There is something to be said about a horse that showed “class” (e,g, stakes quality) Class does tend to transcend any particular discipline.

I agree that class does often transcend disciple. This mare could actually be a decent regional broodmare in the racing world. I actually saw Honor Grades break his maiden on the grass in one of Saratoga’s first 2yo grass races. He was a lovely type. Very “Northern Dancer,” compact and typey. This mare has a solid female family and if she is the physical type that suits your program, she’s certainly got good blood. If I were looking for a race broodie for the NY-bred market, and she were closer, she’s be on the way to me by now.

If I were looking for a race broodie for the NY-bred market, and she were closer, she’s be on the way to me by now.[/QUOTE]

I was kind of thinking the same thing, that’s why I asked where she was. :lol:

I honestly don’t understand how she slipped out of the OR/WA TB breeding programs. She’s better than most up there…

Texarkana, that is an uneducated judgement on the quality of horses out here. There are some very nice mares and very decent stallions in this area. Quite a bit of them are making their way around the US now in good racing company.

Here is a good way to update your knowledge.

Keep in mind however, that Oregon is really hurting economically, and that, of course, affects everything.

Calamber, I don’t know what I have done to give you such an axe to grind.

Nowhere in my posts was I knocking the Pacific Northwest racing community. I’m saying that I’m surprised a successful race mare on your circuit with a pedigree of names that would hold up in any market would end up with an Arabian breeder.

I’m sorry you were so insulted. Or you’re welcome for giving you an opportunity to “educate” me. I truly appreciate it. :rolleyes:

(BTW, your link doesn’t work)

Here is your quote:

“I honestly don’t understand how she slipped out of the OR/WA TB breeding programs. She’s better than most up there…”. Who is grinding the axe?

The link is from the Washington Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners Association newsletter, it works for me when I click on it from this page but I don’t know how to fix it otherwise.

Here is another link that might help.

OP, if she is a decent looking mare, and you can afford to at least upgrade her situation, go for it. It is very helpful that she has a good temperament and that she has foaled successfully several times.

Thank you

Thank you for all of your input. It’s reassuring to know that she might be marketable in racing circles as well. Tonight I scrutinized the video I took of her Sunday, and the more I see her the more I like her…