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Should I change my riding discipline?

I’ve been barrel racing for the past 5 years and i used to love it so much, but now i’ve been a bit more interested in showjumping. I’m not sure how to get into showjumping, good bloodlines, or any trainers anywhere near me. any advice?

Don’t worry about bloodlines.
Tell us where you live (city, state) and maybe we can help you find a trainer.

i live in plainfield indiana

I grew up in IHJA and think they have a wonderful circuit. As far as the west side goes, there are many farms in Whitestown & Zionsville, and farther north. You could check the IHJA 2018 schedule to see some of the farm names (but that would be a list of only those that host shows.). I am sure some local Indy COTHer will chime in. I am 20 years removed from Fishers/Noblesville.
Best Wishes!


thank you! ^