Should our Area borders change?

Texas Rose Horse Park is on the market (with a requirement that any new owner continues running the current calendar of shows) but with the loss of Holly Hill, Area V’s future calendar is definitely going to change. Equally with no Recognized HTs in Oklahoma, most OCTA members are entering Mill Creek and other Area IV shows. This brings up again the question of should the USEA Area boundaries be revised? Area IV stretches from the Oklahoma border north all the way to Canada but, in reality is now two major groupings - around Kansas City and Chicago north. Area V includes Texas but, again in reality, consists only of shows within three hours of Dallas/Fort Worth. Most riders in the Mid-West get very familiar with I-35 (guess why I run the Area 35 Calendar) & ignore the current borders for both Eventing and Dressage as otherwise they wouldn’t have any shows to attend. When there more shows in Illinois - before we lost Wayne & Hunter Oaks - I advocated to move Kansas City into Area V but their loss complicates matters. I’d be interested in other peoples’ opinions

Good question. Given that NM and Colorado have maybe 2-3 accessible events, we may lose Golden Spike in Salt Lake/Ogden, Area IX/X is also seems to be becoming more “commuter” areas. It is almost better to split Area IX between VII (MT/ID/WA/OR) and X (AZ/NV/NM). Put WY in area VII and CO/UT into Area X.