Shoulder OCD

Hi All - I recently found out that my mare has a bone spur in her shoulder. Likely has had it for sometime as she also has mild club foot. Interestingly enough I also learned that many club feet are actually due to shoulder ocd’s. Anyway we injected her shoulder and she is feeling much better, but the vet already indicated that without surgery she will not stay sound. Does anyone have any success stories of shoulder ocd removal?

Not shoulder, but elbow. Surgery was recommended but we didn’t proceed with it. We kept him serviceably sound as a 3’ horse with regular injections and shockwave for a few years but ultimately semi-retired him to flatwork and very light jumping once that protocol stopped having the same effect. Though I will say, moving him to 24/7 turnout did help, a lot.

Thanks for sharing! I don’t have huge goals, just looking to jump a 2’6 course hack around and trail ride throwing in the occasional paper chase. I will have to ask about shockwave that was not something that my vet mentioned