Show attire for a 7 year old boy

My son will be doing his first show and all I can see is attire advice for girls :o. Does anyone have any idea what the proper turn out would be for a boy, beginner (walk/trot/cavalettis), hunter, local show (it’s local, but riders dress up)? For example, do boys wear jods/paddock boots/leather garters or breeches/tall boots? If they wear tall boots, any advice on what ones to get for a growing 7-8 year old boy? What type shirts/jackets/ties?

I appreciate any advice!! THANKS!!!

At that age jods, garters and paddock boots are what little boys wear in my area. I think in a pinch he could probably wear a regular navy blazer if you don’t want to buy a regular show jacket. And a regular dress shirt and tie finishes the outfit.

At 7, definitely jods and paddock boots, with garters. Like BAC said, a navy blazer would probably substitute just fine for a show coat if you don’t want to spend the money on an actual show coat (I assume show coats are unisex for kids but I really don’t know). A white collared dress shirt and a neck tie, plus a belt and gloves to finish everything off.

I tried to find the photo I have of my now 22 year old when he was 6 I put him in a lead line class and he did some showing.

I went to Target and bought a black suit jacket, a white dress shirt, tie and black lace up boots (they looked exactly like paddock boots). Then I made tan jodhpurs. Of course he had a black helmet and a cute little Crosby saddle. It worked out perfectly.

Until they get a bit more serious about it this worked out great price wise. If I find the picture I will post it.

Definitely would not bother with the tall boots on a 7-8 year old boy, particularly at the beginner level. It’s a bit of a waste of money. Everyone else is spot on.

Thanks guys!! I only found one “official” show coat for boys, and at 100 for a lead line class, I think I’ll just use his blue blazer that we bought for a wedding this summer. I’m happy to not have to purchase talls for him just yet.

It’s so hard finding non-girly english riding clothes for boys.

Thanks guys - you rock!

My son wore pull up jods with garters or no garters and paddock boots. A coat that isn’t too tailored with darts and a white short sleeve button down shirt. Many of the zip breeches or jods are too cut in at the waist but Ovation makes a nice boys pant with back pockets.

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The Frustrated Mothers of Boys Who Ride club that is. There is definitely pink and purple overload in Pony Land. As for show clothes it is slim pickins’ out there.

At 7 my son wore unisex jodphurs, paddock boots, white dress shirt and tie from the boys dept and navy suit jacket from the thrift store. That would be fine for local, unrated showing.

By about 9 he started wearing paddock boots and half chaps but the top half was still not specialty riding wear. Not sure about the US but you can show rated in Canada with half chaps. Do not recommend buying tall boots for a rapidly growing youngster until you absolutely have to. I even buy used paddock boots when I can, I got used Ariats (size 7 womens) for my now 11 yr old son in March, they are now on the verge of small. The half chaps that fit in March are also on the snug side now.

Since he is now 11 I am on the hunt for proper boys breeches (back pockets) that come in size 26 waist from an online retailer that ships to Canada for something less then an arm and a leg. Ovation makes a boys breech in that size. Mens breeches start at size 28 waist.

I am also looking for a boys show jacket. A girls show jacket no longer works as by this age the jackets start to have some shape. Dover make a boys show jacket but again, the shipping and duty make it ridiculous. Ovation makes one too, apparently.

Unless you are doing the leadline at Devon, the jacket you bought for the wedding will be just fine.

Good luck!

I’m also in the frustrated mothers of boys who ride club! My son is now a small 12 year old on a pony, and still doing fine with unisex kids’ jodhpurs, paddock boots, half chaps, and shirt and tie. I just bought him a show coat on consignment for $15. I think it was cheap because it’s dark green and I guess that’s out of style for hunters. Luckily, he does Pony Club and eventing, so style isn’t as big of an issue. It’s a really nice jacket, though!

It’s hard to find kid or pony items that aren’t pink, purple or have cutesy designs on them, but they’re out there as long as you don’t want too many options!

Interesting…sounds like a hole in the market - Ariat, are you listening? haha.

Thanks guys I’m going with the jacket he has, a white polo oxford, a cute tie I found that looks like one of daddy’s, tan breeches (he hated the jod options) and his second hand paddocks (in amazing condition). (and a belt and gloves, of course).

We tried everything on today and he looks so dapper. Thanks again everyone. I think I may start a blog dealing with everything young-boy-english-riding…

Both my boys did lead line in plain black lace-up boots from Wal-Mart, hand-me-down jods from a cousin, white dress shirt and tie, hand-me-down tan corduroy sport coat (with leather elbow patches), and black helmet.

The shirt, tie, and sport coat also served double duty when my oldest went through his Superman/Clark Kent costume phase. :lol:

Yes, jods/paddocks/garters. For boys, it’s a bit of a better deal than for girls…the top half can do double duty for dress clothes. Navy blazer, white shirt, tie, he’ll be all set if he has to go to something fancy with the addition of just a pair of khaki pants.

My 11 year old son REFUSES to wear either breeches or jods these days, he insists on riding in jeans and paddock boots. He won’t even wear the pint sized full-chaps I found at a consignment store for $5 anymore. I think those are pretty “manly”, but he does not agree. Fortunately, he’s not showing other than doing the ground pole/crossrail classes at the, very casual, in-house jumper shows, so I don’t have to fight that fight.

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A kind person on ABN found this for me:

Can I join the club?

A kind person on ABN found this for me:[/QUOTE]

And it looks like they ship to Canada to a PO Box via US Postal Service! Oh happy day! :slight_smile:

My 6 year old son seems to have caught the horse bug. I bought him the cutest pair of tiny leather jod boots at a local consignment store ( for only $22. Since he is so far enjoying it and sticking with it, I am going to try and find him a pair of jods or riding tights. So far he has just been riding in jeans.

With it getting cold, I also want to get him gloves, but he has such tiny hands, any suggestions. He is only 36lbs, so very small for his age.

Jods, Jodpur boots, shirt, tie, and a jacket are always acceptable for any child. Clean for a boy is a plus but not always possible. :slight_smile:

Same as little girls, minus the braids. Jodphurs, garters and paddock boots is the standard, but at most little shoes, you’ll probably be fine in breeches and the same if he resists the glorified stirrup pants!

Ditto re: what everyone else has said re: jods, belt, garter straps, paddock boots, shirt, tie, and jacket. Though, I will say that my sons have on occasion shown locally wearing a turtleneck and sweater, or just a shirt and tie in the summer. No one ever seemed to care, and with boys I never wanted to make competing too much about “dressing up.” Also, for showing locally if your son prefers to wear breeches and half chaps, I think that tidy, matched half chaps/paddock boots are very acceptable local show attire for boys. I will mention that for the smaller kids the jackets fit pretty much the same and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to borrow a unisex/girls’ jacket–no one can tell.

Land’s End sells a great white shirt for the boys to wear under their jackets, it wears and washes well. Dover sells a boys show coat that is very reasonably priced (I think about $99) and is machine washable. For jods, up until 7-8 we just used unisex kids jods. Then, we switched to the boys jods, the tuffrider patrol breeches. Order up a size or two or three…my 9 year old wears a size 12 or 14. They hold up very well overall, but they do tend to shrink a tiny bit and get less stretchy after you wash them.

I’m chiming in a bit late here, but the whole boys clothing is so difficult. My 10-year-old son was able to wear the Ovation breeches (do not put Ovation breeches in the dryer…even in an emergency!) for a while, but he grew wide before he grew taller (his typical growth pattern), so most of the size 14 breeches that fit his waist and hips were way too long or baggy in the wrong places. Tuffrider works best right now. There is also a problem with the stretch fabrics–he doesn’t mind that the breeches or jods (he does prefer breeches, though) are for girls, but some of the pull-ons in stretch fabrics show way too much in front. He had his first schooling show and wore a black blazer, but I think we’re going to have to get a show coat for the summer because they are very light weight fabric and my kid is always hot. I don’t know what I’m going to do this spring and summer. He has big feet and wants tall boots…