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Show barn in Raleigh NC area

Hi I am considering some of the schools in Raleigh for college next year but also need to figure out a barn for my horse. I am willing to travel anywhere near Raleigh, so location isn’t too big of an issue but I am looking for a good trainer that travels to bigger shows and shows on the AA circuit. Right now I have a hunter, so preferably one that has experience with hunters. At this point I’m just looking to get a feel for my options, so any names and barns are helpful! Thanks!:slight_smile:

Phil Long and Randy Neumann. Seriously the best. I ride with them when they come to Wilmington and really enjoy my lessons. Never a dull moment. They focus on basics and fundamentals to keep your riding at it’s best but you won’t be bored. Not to mention they are hilarious! I think the farm in Durham where they are based is called something like Quail Roost??? I know there are enough COTHers on here that know them that can get you the exact name. They do travel to several A and AA shows throughout the year as well.

Phillip and Randy work out of Quail Roost. It’s about 15 minutes north of Durham.

Sent you a PM :slight_smile:

I second Phil and Randy- I have ridden occasionally with them in Wilmington and always enjoy their teaching