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Show barn recommendations - Bucks County, PA

I did a search but there’s really nothing current on what show barns are located in Bucks County, PA. Looking for a trainer who does the A shows more than the local shows. Thank you!

Can’t remember where he is, but John Muldoon at Reinbows End has lovely horses and riders according to his Facebook page, and came highly recommended to me, and I liked him very much, when I ride with him back in the late 90s.

Phoebe DeMott at Cedar Ridge in Quakertown or Jeff Ayers at Equi Ventures in Sellersville.

John Muldoon is in Malvern Chester County. Depending where you are in Bucks it might be close enough.


John’s in Chester County but thank you!

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Thank you!

Agree 100% with both of these.

Depending on where you are in Bucks, there’s a bunch of trainers right over the bridge in Frenchtown/Pittstown area of NJ. Might be worth taking a look. If you’re near New Hope, you can also take a look around Flemington/Ringoes/Lambertville area too.


Patty Miller hands down in Bucks County.

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