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Show cart as jog cart, stupid question

I currently own a show pleasure (ASB) cart. It was used, and cost about $1800. I’d love an easy entry type of cart, but it’s not in the budget right now.

Is it crazy to use it as a jog cart? Selling it and getting a new cart seems like I’m not going to change anything cost-wise. I just feel a little silly using a fancy cart to just jog. Is there something less-rugged about it that I should worry about?

There are lots of people out there that retire their show carts to use for every day jog carts, so using your pleasure cart for jogging would not be unheard of. Does it have wood or metal spoke wheels? Wood wheels give a much rougher ride. Also, how nice is your pleasure cart? I would hate to mess up a nice show cart with every day use. If you did want to sell it and get a more suitable jog cart you can get a new Easy Entry for a few hundred dollars less than what you paid for the pleasure cart. (This info from my friend who is directly involved in the industry.)

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Thanks - I got this cart well-loved (but well taken care of). I believe it is metal wheels, but I haven’t seen it in quite some time (it’s been stored at my old trainer’s place) so I don’t recall 100%.

I got it pretty reasonably, and so while it would be several hundred less to get a jog cart, I’d have to find one and get it to me, which costs a fair amount anyway.

I’ll have to see for sure it’s condition when I pick it up - I just wasn’t sure if there was some major safety or other reason why I wouldn’t want to use it :slight_smile:

Use it - it will be perfect for your daily jogging - better than ez entry - in stability and safety •

I use my ASB show pleasure driving cart (Houghton) for jogging my ASB & Hackney ponies around the property


If it’s been sitting for awhile, you will probably need to replace the tires. Generally speaking, I’d much rather jog horses with a pleasure cart than a jog cart. When I was a kid, my trainer would let me sit next to her when we jogged my walk-trot horse, and a few others, She loved sticking my tire into any hole that she could find. It’s not something that you forget. :joy: :rofl: :joy:


If you are going to show in harness, find yourself another cart. We’ve got one pony bike that does double duty as a work cart and a show bike and it is a PITA! I usually spend 4-6 hours at a show cleaning it up. The dedicated show carts only take a couple hours.

You can find a work cart (w/ or w/o a basket) for less than $1K pretty easy, often less than $500. If your cart is that nice, I’d be inclined to sell it and buy a beater for every day use and pocket the difference.

By the way, if you take the boot & basket off, these carts are car-toppable. :crazy_face: Done it dozens of times.

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