Show Grooming/Turnout for a Mustang?

I am showing my Reservation Mustang this weekend for the first time. I am unsure of turn out for the western ring. Should I clip her fetlocks? She has light feathering, but she’s a Mustang so that’s normal. I have a small bridle path on her but her mane is longer. It will be banded but I don’t want to cut it short. What’s the correct turn out for a mustang in the Western ring?

Edited to add, this is an open show circuit in Michigan. MMOHSC in Mt. Pleasant, MI.


Your horse is so cute! Love the white markings and her adorable face.

Since it’s an open show, chances are you’ll be competing against other horses that aren’t Paints or AQHA, so banding her mane, without shortening it, should be fine. In fact, depending on your classes, you could just show with an unbanded mane, because she looks right now like most of the fancy ranch riding horses I compete against.

Unless she has an obvious freeze brand on her neck, I doubt anyone will guess she’s a mustang.

Personally, I would trim her fetlock feathers if they’re shaggy. But that’s me. Just present her beautifully groomed and with clean, proper tack and feel free to let your personal tastes and your horse’s mustang spirit shine. :sun_with_face:


Thanks! They’re not shaggy at all. Just some longer, but fine, hairs. I think I am just going to trim her bridle path, band her mane and let her chrome do the rest of the work. Thank you so much!!!


I really like her in that orange color on her blanket… and she’s lovely!!!

How’d your show go? Got any pics?

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She rode super well! During her classes anyways. The warm up pen was too much chaos for her LOL
We ended up with 6 4ths and 2 6ths!

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i cannot open them :frowning:

Warm up pens are too much chaos for me too, haha. I avoid them when possible.

Nice work!