Show Jumper Stud Hunting

TL;DR Looking for a show jumping stud to add hind end power and potentially a little height without adding too much blood. Any thoughts? Does anyone have experience with Emerald van’t Ruytershof?

Hello everyone! I have a KWPN mare that I absolutely adore and am considering breeding. I understand that breeding is risky and not a guarantee of anything, but this mare is my heart horse and has the pedigree to match.

A little about Gwen… she is 16.1h, a tad on the small side for my height. She also has a bit of a short stride but it has improved immensely as we matured as a team. She had a freak injury a few years back which has made me hesitant to move her back to the big sticks, but she was showing successfully at 1.35m as a six year old in Europe. She is brave as can be and has not stopped with me despite having to teach me the ropes as an inconsistent junior (read: I took long spots like they were going out of style). That being said, she is can be hot and opinionated but I have grown to love the spice and find it manageable and enjoyable with consistency. I would honestly be happy if a foal came out an exact photocopy, but am hoping to breed something that someday may be able to do the upper levels so a sprinkle more scope/power would be appreciated.

Gwen Pedigree

I’ve seen a couple of really lovely Glasgow van 't Merelsnest youngsters, maybe consider him?

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Super handsome but the cross would be a little too inbred for my taste with Nabab de Rêve close on both sides - one of my biggest issues is finding a stallion without too much overlap! Thank you so much for the suggestion :slight_smile:

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I heard that Emerald frozen wasn’t very good a few years ago. I would try and find out if it is better now, and when the straws whichever distributor you are using has were collected before trying him, especially with a maiden mare.

In no particular order, here are a few that spring to mind to consider:

  • Ut Majeur De Brecey
  • Diacontinus
  • Kannan
  • Conthargos
  • Elvis ter Putte
  • Zirocco Blue
  • Vingino
  • Andiamo Semilly

My Casquino filly this year is HUGE, is already proving less opinionated than her mother is, and has a lovely canter.