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Show Jumping Barn in VA, NC, SC area

Hi, I am new here so I’m not completely sure how this works. I only moved to America around a year and a half ago from Singapore so I am still getting used to the American horse scene. I have been riding for around 15 years now and am a complete show jumper, I don’t do any hunter stuff. I found a wonderful coach and barn which I love but my coach is moving to Europe and now I don’t have a barn to train and show with. I go to Sweet Briar College so that is where I spend most of my time but they mainly do hunters and teach a different style than I’m used to. I have three horses one retired at my friend’s pony farm and a young one who will do everything you ask of him and my new horse who I bought from my current coach who is moving who is supposed to teach me and help me move into the 130cm-140cm classes. Which is where I want to be.
I am looking recommendations for a barn in the Virginia/ North Carolina/ South Carolina area. I am a serious show jumper who is just looking for someone to show with and help bring me up in the ranks in the US.

Please if anyone has recommendations it would be highly appreciated. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Doesn’t your current coach have any recommendations?

It is perfectly possible to go to a horse show by yourself, warm yourself up, learn your course, and go do your round, clean your own stall, feed your own horse. If you are a green rider, you may well NEED the help. But if not, consider the possibility of not needing a babysitter at a horse show. Huge savings on cost. Get your coaching as you wish at home, clinics, ship in lessons when you find someone who you think would have useful input on your riding and training.

I don’t know if somebody recently relocated here from abroad moving a young horse up to the 1.3, 1.4m Jumpers is going to be comfortable without some help…these classes are rarely offered except at larger Rated shows and between USE fees, office fees, schooling fees, nomination fees and entry fees? Basically sounds like aiming towards A/O Jumpers? It’s a chunk of change even without a stall. A lot of money to DIY with no eyes on the ground, schooling help, hints on riding the course and evaluation of the round. Might also not be able to be at the show with the horse as they tend to spread the classes over a few days and that’s never worked well with a career. And they may need the horse hauled if they don’t have a trailer.

OP sounds quite competent and imagine is also looking for a barn with trainer to base out of. Nothing wrong or indicative of ability in asking where to get some help.

Bet OPs trainer who is moving can recommend somebody. Or they might take a trip to Florida and ask around at WEF or Ocala…which is where many, if not most serious SJ barn trainers are going to be for the next 8-10 weeks.

But OP might find they need to adapt a little style wise as the vast majority of SJ trainers here stateside are a bit of a blend of European and American style, even the European transplants. Most barns will also have some Hunters and Equitation riders. It should not automatically disqualify them from your consideration.


Try putting “Virginia and surrounding states” or similar in your post title for more feedback from those who know. Good luck!

Have you spoken with the trainers at SBC and asked who they’d recommend for you to work with while you’re at school? Or your current trainer who’s leaving? That area is a bit of a dead zone, but if you’ve got transportation and can get yourself up to Richmond/Charlottesville or NoVA (Middleburg/Upperville), there are a ton of jumper trainers. Do a search here on that area.

Where are you generally when you are not at college? If you’re farther south (you mention NC/SC) it may make more sense to look in that area.

Welcome to Virginia! My daughter is a SBC Alumn. Here is someone south of Charlottesville, so probably 40 minutes from SBC. https://www.rabbitrunhorses.com/ I personally do not know her but looks like she has some experience. If nothing else maybe she can point you to someone closer. Of course you have Will Coleman and Kim Severson in the Charlottesville area too depending how serious you are.

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Teddi Ismond is near Richmond and excellent. Also try Sulu rose-reed at stillmeadows - Sulu has a program for jumper riders and from what I know, her clients are very successful. I haven’t been in VA for a few years but I am sure others may be able to confirm these two trainers are still around and suggest others.

Try Contacting Dmitriy Kokoshkin via his face book Page. He is in Virgina now with his own new barn , Very good jumping coach , https://www.facebook.com/DKokoshkin/


Thank you all for your help. To give a bit more detail to some of you.

My coach has kinda just disappeared, he will eventually reach out to me to hopefully give me some more recommendations.
When I’m not at college my parents live in NC, I kinda just travel where the horse shows are and leave my horses in a barn that I will hopefully find. Sweet Briar is completely a dead zone which is hard. I do not mind traveling I have a loyal shipper we use. The Sweet Briar coaches recommended some as well as the coach I’m with. I am just trying to look at all my options. My normal schedule when I’m at school is to travel to shows with the coach I am with and then travel sometimes to their home barn for training.

Are you looking for NC or VA areas for trainers? If central NC I would send you to Apex Equestrian Center. I boarded at a farm next door and they are lovely people. Take very good care of their horses. Lots of turnout and hack out on trails.

Depending on your NC location, if you’re near Southern Pines, Harold Chopping would be a good option. He owns Solo Show Stables. https://www.soloshowstables.com/

Harold would be my recommendation, as well.

Ahhh…that explains it. Sorry he bailed on you without some referrals. Good luck on your search! I’m sure there are plenty of COTH folks with ideas for you.

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