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Show Jumping Day 2 Results

are now posted.

Team REsults so far:

  1. Netherlands
  2. Ukraine
  3. US
  4. Germany
  5. Switzerland
  6. Brazil

Wow, go US and Holland. Individually the first 3 remain the same, so, GOOD for Beezie!! Wow!

my goodness … Ukraine team 2nd

Fun when a country seemingly comes out of nowhere … I think Bjorn Nagel (son of Tjark Nagel?) and JC van Geenberghe have both been on the international scene for some years (I remember JC V-G as far back as world cup 92 DelMar) riding for Belgium? But the other two individuals I am not familiar with and both put in good to very good rounds.

I was surprised myself, until I read this in a post on the ‘day one’ thread, which explains alot:

"However a total of 29 teams are scheduled to line out at Aachen including the Swedes who are recovering from a period in the doldrums, the Dutch who can never be discounted, the Irish who are below par but who have a habit of springing surprises when least expected and then of course there are the relatively untried but very intriguing squads like the one from Ukraine. Former Belgian riders Jean-Claude van Geenberghe and Gregory Wathelet and Germany’s Bjorn Nagel have changed nationality to line out for the team that is sponsored by Ukrainian businessman Alexander Omischenko, and with Katherina Offel also onside they could be about to alter the face of international show jumping."

I was able to catch the last half hour of competition on streaming video…Beezie Madden and Authentic were absolutely incredible. That horse is amazing. :slight_smile: The weather today looked very nice as well.

Yes, just checked the COTH coverage

COTH coverage also discusses the background of the Ukrainian team. Lots of fun. I left the streaming video to check scores for a minute, and couldn’t get back on until after Beezie’s ride - ARGH. So, if you get on, don’t leave it if you can help it, because it can take a while to get back on.

Article from H&H

Netherlands retain jumping lead in Aachen

Louise Parkes

30 August, 2006

The Netherlands have retained their lead in the team jumping competition as Britain move up into eight place

The Dutch team held onto the lead in the race for the World Show Jumping Championship title at the WEG in Aachen today where the British improved their position when moving up from 11th place overnight to slot into eighth after the first round of the Nations Cup.

The Ukraine, a team comprised mainly of riders that have defected from other countries, lies second ahead of the USA in third and only 10 of the 24 teams that lined out today will return to the ring tomorrow for Nations Cup round two, together with all the leading individual riders.

The top three individuals retained their positions when America’s Beezie Madden and Authentic, Canada’s Eric Lamaze riding Hickstead and Holland’s Gerco Schroder and Eurocommerce Berlin jumped clear once again, but Brazil’s Bernardo Alves and Canturo ousted McLain Ward and Sapphire from fourth spot when the American faulted and Alves enjoyed the most incredible luck on his way around the track, especially when the 11-year-old stallion paddled through the oxer at fence 10 without hitting a pole.

Michael Whitaker and Portofino and Nick Skelton with Russel both collected just a single time fault while Tim Gredley with Omelli and John Whitaker and Peppermill returned five-fault results. John said afterwards that he was a bit disappointed when making his mistake at fence 10 which Peppermill met on a long stride “but he’s still quite green really” he said, adding “it’s still all to play for and it’s very possible that we can still finish in the top five which is the main

There was plenty of drama during the competition including an interesting interlude for South Africa’s Roger Hessen whose gelding, Quito, decided he had enough after jumping the oxer at fence eight and napped wildly in the direction of the in-gate. It took quite a bit of persuasion to get him back into the ring to complete, while, later in the day, Columbia’s Manuel Torres endured an unscheduled dismount from Chambacune who then enjoyed the freedom of the arena.

Eyecatcher of the day was Jos Lansink’s Cavalor Cumano whose graceful and spectacular tour of the track produced gasps of delight from the sidelines and boosted the Belgian rider from 40th all the way up to individual 16th place while Malin Baryard-Johnsson had a horrible afternoon. Sweden’s passage to tomorrow’s top 10 second round depended on her returning clear but, having clocked up a cricket score in yesterday’s opening speed leg, she did it yet again when coming home with 29 faults from Butterfly Flip.

The Irish benefitted from Malin’s disaster and squeezed into that final 10th qualifying spot behind Belgium in ninth, Britain in eighth, the surprising Spanish who are lying seventh, the three-man Brazilian team in sixth, Switzerland in fifth and Germany in fourth. The Dutch have a one-fence advantage at the top of the order but there is less than a fence between the next three teams.

Where do you get the streaming video feed? I have friends that went over to watch.

What time EST does the SJ start? And what time will Beezie go probably … anchor rider, but about how long does the round take?

Horse and Hound article w/ good pic of Beezie


streaming feed - check the website

The streaming feed is on the WEG Aachen 2006 website <www.aachen2006.de/default_e.htm>. They are 9 hours ahead of my location (Pacific coast time). Jumping starts tomorrow rather late Aachen time (afternoon or evening) - Again check the Aachen 2006 website. Beezie is the anchor rider, and has been riding toward the end, but with the reduced starting field, I wouldn’t even try to guess times. They also have start orders on the website.

i am trying to figure out when the showjumping starts is it today at a certain time?

Individual competition starts at 18:20, team competition starts at 21:10. (That’s 6:20 pm and 9:10 pm GERMANY time). They are 6 hours ahead of EST.


How do I get the webcam to work? I clicked on “”:sadsmile: webcam", got, a nice picture of the stadium but then nothing, am I missing a 2nd click:confused: :confused:k?

Ah…ignore the webcam, look to the right of the screen and click on Streaming Video!


So, three women in the final tomorrow!

I thought Jos Lansink and Cumano were looking very, very impressive, sailing a foot over everything!

What fence did Beezie have down? I couldn’t tell with the fuzzy, choppy live feed.

Authentic had a foot in the water in the 1st round today. Meredith had the same problem in round 1 today. there was a funny distance to that fence.

I took lessons from Beezie when she worked for Katie Prudent in the 80’s. She was fabulously talented but not really famous, and now she is at the very top of the top. Go, Beezie :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: !!!