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Show Me Your 2023 Restart’s 🤩

Hey all! I can’t see a thread started for this yet, though I would love to see and hear about your 2023 OTTB restart projects!

Who are they, what are they like, pics a BONUS, what are you doing with them?

Excited to see yours!

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Mine is a 2019 Irish import filly by Havana Gold out of a Verglas mare.

6 starts, started fast with lots of dreams and fizzled fast.

She is a dainty 15.2/3, quiet filly (considering she’s a mare), good clean legs, bad feet of course. Enjoying some let down time, love and groundwork/lunging. Not to mention some patience, she was quite clearly twitched.


My restarts are all in their teens :joy: It will be quite some time before I rejoin the ranks of restarting TBs again, but I look forward to seeing everyone’s updates and progress here.

What is your plan for her? A nice type, she looks like she will fill out and be a powerhouse.


Oh I would love to hear about yours Beowulf!

I don’t agree much with the racing industry but they do breed some nice sport horses.

I purchased her after a few glasses of wine :wine_glass: on a weekend with my girlfriend whilst having a woes me about my big time boy being sore and facing possible pasture life.

I liked her type, the eye and the little chrome. Reminded me of a OTTB I had as a kid. That mare dominated the hacks but I couldn’t stick the jump as a kid so she sold.

Planning to make her a decent little dressage horse that could play in the hunter hacks or
Low level hunters. She seems ammy friendly, sized a little smaller than I’d love but she’ll stay if her brain is good!

We have had a couple bareback site but planning a ride this week pending what she tells me she’s ready for :heart:


She’s lovely! I love her face/markings and ears and the look in her eye. Have fun with her!

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Oh fun! I’ll play! I have a 2010 mare by Hat Trick out of a More Than Ready mare. I picked her up last fall at auction (see the 756 Farm Dispersal thread). She hung out for about 8 months, I started groundwork with her a couple months ago, and I’ve now put about 10 rides on her.

I am IN LOVE! She’s the coolest. Right now I’m just working on fitness, putting a topline on her, and trying to transform her broodmare bod. Her last race was 2014, she had 3-4 babies, and then spent the next few years pretty feral in a herd. I am so impressed with her though. She wants to do all of the right things. Who knows what we’ll end up doing, but something involving jumps hopefully.


I also have her 2019 unraced filly. I haven’t sat on her yet, but she’s progressing in her groundwork and seems to be a pretty chill baby. She’s the total opposite type from her mama - think QH gelding. :joy: But she’s got a nice brain and is a cute little mover.


Oh my she is mega CUTE! What a great job. I love how you also took on an older project as well. :heart: keep us posted!!! I can’t wait to see your filly too!


You say your filly is learning patience? Oh yes! We’re working on that too! :sweat_smile:

She is short, stout, lazy. And screaming for western tack. :joy: She’s also the sweetest horse in the barn. She was unhandled when I got her and now she is my sidekick.

I ended up with these two when I saw that 44 TBs (mostly broodmares) were going to be running through a dispersal auction. My husband and I run a small farm sanctuary and OTTBs have always been my thing. I lost a Hat Trick gelding a couple years ago in a freak pasture accident and I told myself if there were any closely related to him I would go to the auction and try to bring them home. Sure enough, there was a 2010 Hat Trick mare (JC Nickerdoodle) in the lot. She was the only horse in the album without a photo. So I had NO idea what she looked like. The day before the auction they posted one addition to the lot - and it was Nickerdoodle’s Unnamed ‘19 filly, also no photo. So I had my marching orders. Lol

It was my first auction experience and I have no idea how I actually ended up with both of them. But I am so glad I did. Fate, I suppose. :black_heart::orange_heart:


Lol @Inimitable I guess that is one way to have your filly rope-broke – she’s slapping that lead all over, she’ll have no excuse in the future to spook at one :joy:

I realized I recognized your mare and filly! We are in the same FB group . I joined it shortly after it was made and was one of the people that was prepared to potentially step in even though my inn was full – thankfully you all did short work and my heart is so full that they found soft landings.

Second Chance Farm picked up a mare/filly combo too - they are actually who I found one of my Say Florida Sandy geldings through – I was eyeballing the little chestnut but, again… inn is full… Lol.

Several of the horses that went through that dispersal sale have seriously nice bloodlines.


I don’t qualify for the thread title, but I am going to enjoy following you guys!


@beowulf Small world! The circumstances were so crazy. It really was a master class in coordination between big aftercare/rescue orgs, small private rescues, and individuals willing to step up if needed. In a world so divided, it was inspiring to watch so many people come together for the single purpose of ensuring that every single one of those horses had a safe place to go.

I wish I knew what happened to the stallion, First Cornerstone, who stood at the farm. He has some really interesting breeding! I did a little digging and found some photos and videos of him. He was flashy - and short! Clearly where my filly gets her stature from. :joy: And fun fact, for me at least, he ran against my other gelding in the 2013 Secretariat Stakes. Another small world moment.

I hope others chime in with their restarts! I love following (and commiserating when needed). A great thread idea!


@Inimitable, I remember reading that story at the time.

It was wonderful then, and it’s wonderful now. Thanks for the update!


This might be the greatest JC name I’ve ever heard! Your girls are so cute. No OTTBs here, but I’m looking forward to following this thread.


New horse :partying_face: how exciting for you! Just like chips eh…. Haha

I consider my Emmy a 2023 restart since we just finally can be in consistent work starting this January. After years of recovery from the track growing feet and battling abscesses. We are in the clear now!

We just did our first virtual dressage show and hoping to do our first “real” show soon!

How cute was she all decked out in her fancy clothes??


Omigosh she’s so cute Bahaha :rofl: you’re right she is thick. I know some western girls who would kill for her lol


Come join us!

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Oh heck when did this major grey fest happen! You used to be dark girl!!! :joy:

What a stunning girl and I think she knows it in those pics :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Oh lord. Don’t say abscess around here cover your ears
I’m living in fear of one happening after pulling front shoes Wednesday. Poor girl is not a fan of hard surfaces right now.
Yet it was inevitable… she had the longest toe I’ve seen in awhile. Though, seems to be every OTTB I’ve been seeing so it must be how they trim :woman_facepalming:

Philly was a good happy girl once she hit the sand but she’ll be on ground work for a couple weeks or a couch. I mean I did mention she was learning patience, be careful what you wish for :joy:
Might grab her some scoots for a bit.

Such a sweet girl and no I didn’t cut the forelock, dang white marking looks like I sheered it right off :joy:

Boggles my mind how quickly their demeanour turns to sweet and best friend like. Philly seems so thankful.


Oh and yes…* facepalm *

I’ve been wanting an OTTB for awhile and Conrad being off seemed like a go button :rofl:

Fastest way to get over your horse being lame? Get on another :rofl:


Mares are the bestest. You can’t disagree it’s the official truth :stuck_out_tongue: haha

The first comment is always about how light they get as greys hahaha! I actually love a white horse though and she’s becoming dark flea bitten which I also am a rare person who loves that too. She’s the bestest girl I’m just so happy she’s finally comfortable and healthy.

And don’t worry the foot troubles will come and go when they first come off the track. If there’s enough foot I recommend shoes but if there’s not then just time and good diet to get things growing.

Looking forward to your adventures with her!

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