Show me your favourite brown boots!

Ooooh… they have navy lace-ups… not in stock, but, for that price, I’ll wait :slight_smile:

So my thought…maybe skip Mountain Horse boots. And take it with a grain of salt. I am meticulous about not doing barn chores in mine and I clean them after every ride, no exceptions. And I’m not even riding every day these days. But…they seem like they’re breaking down faster than I’d expect. Not particularly happy about that.

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My bargain brown boots! I lucked out many years ago when a saddlery in New York was clearing out their DerDaus without zippers. I took a chance and got these for $150 CDN, shipped to Ontario! They were awfully red when they arrived, but a coat of black polish and some use brought them around nicely.


That is a lovely photo in every way.

I’d also love a pair of brown boots, even though I primarily ride western these days. I just can’t get beyond wearing stretchy breeches and taller boots.

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You boots are gorgeous! How have they handled every day work?

They are work horses (no pun intended). The polo boots are 6 years old now and are in great shape–and I only take minimal care of them. The field boots are younger, but also in great shape (I DO take better care of these, as I bought them for cubbing season and want them to stay nice looking).

Here are mine; semi-custom so these are the pictures they sent me before shipping! I show in more traditional dressage boots but these have been great for every day. Deniro, ~$300 from the UK, leather quality isn’t outstanding but they are super grippy and very comfortable. They look much darker now/in person!


The stock black boots I’m finding from US distributors are $800-1000. Would you be willing to share your source for overseas?

WB Equiline. I communicated with them via Facebook and they were fantastic. I did buy these ~1.5 year ago so prices may have gone up since then because of sourcing and the COVID situation in Italy.

Amazing how quickly prices have changed! They now start at $530

Well, I’m glad I got them when I did, I guess! Look out for sales and a good exchange rate!

Man, those brown boots are gorgeous! :heart_eyes:

Petrie makes custom boots in any of their styles in Brown.