Show me your favourite brown boots!

Looking to buy a pair of brown boots - could be tan or dark brown or anywhere in between… No specific purpose, I probably would still show in my black boots, but brown just looks so nice!

I already own one pair of totally soft leather black boots and they’re quite honestly the most comfortable boots ever, but I think the soft leather with it’s wrinkles just looks a bit sloppy. I used to own a pair of Petrie boots, which were hard as a rock (you didn’t need the boot holders), held my leg in place, and looked super elegant, but were an absolute pain to walk in and would get my ankles raw if I didn’t switch to sneakers right after I got off the horse. I’d like to find a happy medium between the two.

Ideally I’d like to stay under 500 USD, but can probably stretch here or there. This leaves me with ready to wear options. I know it’s a popular choice but I’m not a big fan of the Mountain horse Sovereigns - they just seem to look way better on the images than in real life. So what are my other options?

Have you only looked at new mountain horse’s or have you seen ones that are broken in that you don’t like? I only ask since I was with you - I thought the two tone ones were too bright but I hated how the other off the rack brands had black rubber soles. I bit the bullet and got the mountain horse ones and they have worn to the more beautiful patina. It just took a few months of riding in them and using lederbalsm.

I also thought the Mountain Horses looked too light brown - but then I just saw a pair in person that a barn-mate bought. They are a beautiful deep brown. If I were to get a pair, I’d polish them with oxblood boot polish to get a reddish-brown tone.

I’ve had Pioneer boots on my wish list since a blogger I like bought their Atena model. They’re right at the price range, and I really like their options. I’m personally most intrigued by the stretch leather on the Atena’s (which are a dress boot), but all of their models are gorgeous.

i went to poshmark and bought a bunch of knee high leather boots about a month ago. Most were black, all had zipper on back. Here are pics of the 3 brown pair i got WITH their extraordinarily cheeeeep prices. Even if i only wear them to one event i’m good! :

I probably wouldn’t suggest wearing those to a competition. They aren’t for riding and won’t protect your leg appropriately and may damage your saddle.


The dark brown are dreamy.

I have the Ariat Contour field boots in brown which are probably five or six years old now. They’re a much lighter brown than what the current Contours II have, and lighter than the Mountain Horse boots. That said, I’ve only used Stubben soap and conditioner on them and they are a lovely patina these days. Super comfortable, have worn like iron, and if you can forgive the black soles, 100% a great value.

Smartpak listing for current version of these boots:


I have two pair. Both are customs from Celeris UK. The top pair (field boots) and a little lighter than I thought they would be, but are darkening nicely as they break in with use and polish. The bottom pair (polo) are a gorgeous chestnut brown that just keeps getting better with age.


don’t intend on showing in them… but i might go watch a show in them. I’ve been riding in one of the other pair, a lot. They fit well, are comfortable to ride OR walk in. I don’t care if i get mud or poop on them… Don’t know if my legs need protecting any more than these would do. (don’t you ever ride in paddock boots?). And how would flat leather harm a saddle, praytell?

Thank you! I have a pair of Mountain Horse boots in my living room. Don’t love the fit in the feet or calf. Have a taller slimmer pair of MH on back order and was waiting for those to arrive so I can compare. Just ordered the Ariats, which my feet like and I can haul the MH ones back to Dover and cancel the other order.

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When you say event on here our minds are going to jump to a 3 day event :wink:

The seams rub the leather flaps and can destroy them. Its why tall boots have no inner seam.


I love the Celeris UK boots. One day I’ll have a pair in brown! (And more, if I’m very lucky and win the lottery.)

Sergio Grasso seems to have brown boots on their website but I don’t know if they have black or brown soles. I’ve always been curious about them because I love the fit of my Sergios.

OK… I’m drooling.


At least one of the pair i showed have zero seam on the inside. And most of the black ones are smooth on the horse side too. ‘Events’ oh, i see how you would think that now…i mean something else. Not ‘eventing’. I don’t think i could stand even watching a 3day event, *let alone compete. That’s a bit too much competition and too many people(!) for me. I’m on-the-spectrum and can’t quite handle all of that.

The field boots were a piece of retail therapy during the lockdown. Worth it for the dopamine hit I get every time I look at them. :slight_smile:

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What a lovely equitation photo! (Boots are nice too.)

Check out Premier Equine boots! They are super affordable! shipping is quick, and the leather is soft ! I love them way more than my Ariats. :slight_smile:

The price is truly fantastic! How durable are they @HuntXGal ?

They are very durable! And You can’t beat the price!

I ride about five times a week, and they’ve lasted almost one year, the leather is still in good shape but I broke one of the laces lol

I just ordered a second pair, and I’m asking my husband to get me the black field boots for Christmas. :grimacing: