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Hi all, I go to Emory University and I’m doing some research on USEF rated shows and the way owners and trainers decide what medications to give their horses. If anyone has time to take a quick survey, I would really appreciate it! They are completely anonymous- not even I will know who you are. I’m not in any way looking for right/wrong answers since the process is individual to each horse. I’m just trying to get a better idea of what factors contribute to medication decisions.

Trainer survey:

Client Survey:

Thank you! I especially need trainers to take the survey!


As a side note, this sounds like a really interesting survey. Would you be willing to share the results here? I think it might be an interesting discussion (why do I feel like I should be wearing some kind of flame suit!).


Please do let us know the results of your research!

Thanks everyone! I’ll definitely let you know the results!

Does “Vodka” count…? Oh, you meant for the horse…



Done. My only issue is that maybe there should be a n/a choice. If you answer no to question two, then you should have an n/a for the other follow-up questions. :slight_smile:

You definitely need a skip pattern built in to this survey (client survey). And, I see that ulcer medications are excluded from future questions but that is not specified in Q2 so I assume it should be counted.

Some definition of what constitutes a medication for the purposes of this study could be useful, too, since some might include monthly joint injections, etc., as a medication, while others might be thinking more along the lines of things given daily and exclude those less frequent medications.

The lack of definition may be an integral part of the study.

I didn’t understand the scale on the last question. I may have answered it wrong. Not sure if 1 is most uncomfortable and 4 is least uncomfortable or the other way around

I did both surveys (as I have been both a client and a trainer).

I wish you had used the same adjective, “comfortable/uncomfortable” in both surveys, as opposed to “willing/unwilling” for the questions regarding discussions about meds with HOs.

I must say that when I have had my pro hat on, I have been willing and also uncomfortable when discussing meds with clients.

I’m willing because they absolutely need to know what there horse is getting (IMO). That’s at a minimum. I’d really like clients to be part of the decision-making process.

I’m uncomfortable because, as often as not, they don’t have the education or realism to know what it means to decide to give X grams of bite (or whathaveyou) and when. The worst case of this is when the client doesn’t have a lot of interest in the technical details of their horse’s management but also thinks that the horse doesn’t need anything special/is sounder than he is. Very tough to have a candid, sufficiently long/detailed discussion about medicating at horse shows when the client doesn’t want to play. So I’m more than willing to talk about it, preferably well ahead of time. I’m uncomfortable when I know I can’t get the client to really pay attention to that engage with the problem.

Another interesting question you might have included: Who does the medicating (trainer, groom, HO) and who signs the “Trainer” line on entries?

As a HO, I always did my own signing and my own medicating, with very good communication with the pro. (I left it to her to manage her grooms; as often as not, I groomed for myself.)

My favorite thing with clients is to also have them sign as trainer. It gives us a chance to talk about the D&M rules… and the part where they sign the form tends to get their attention for the discussion I described above.

Want to add that I am an owner, and a groom/braider. I am pretty sure most owners DON’T know what their horse is getting, or even that are getting anything at all.
I stay completely hands on with my meds, because I believe in giving as little as possible! If the horse needs banamine, robaxin and dex along with a tube of Perfect Prep to get to the ring…that horse needs a new job, or a new trainer.
(just venting…thanks for letting me vent)

Done, but for question 2, what about a sometimes answer? As in, when the situation dictates it? I know some barns always give x,y,and z, but what about the ones that only get something if footing is hard etc?

Done, but for question 2, what about a sometimes answer? As in, when the situation dictates it? I know some barns always give x,y,and z, but what about the ones that only get something if footing is hard etc?[/QUOTE]

If you give a joint medication and then the occasional scoop of bute as required, that seems to put you at two (or at least that’s how I answered it). It felt kind of odd to be put in the category of the most frequent givers of medication based on this survey’s options just from that.

Thanks everyone for participating! And thanks for the feedback. I’ve closed the surveys now so I can go through my results, but it would be interesting to revise some of the questions and maybe open them up again at some point. If anyone’s interested, I’d be happy to post a link to my research website in a few weeks.

Update: Instead of reopening the surveys, I adjusted the wording on some questions, and posted them at a new link.

Trainer survey:

Client Survey:

If you have time, you are welcome to retake them! It will be interesting to see if I get different results. If not, no worries!