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Show Names... Help

I’m buying a new ‘baby’ event horse. He is a bay OTTB with the name ‘Meehan’ and he has a small star. I am needing a show/event name but I can’t think of anything that stands out or is unique. A few things I like are names that relate to or contain…
Greek & Roman Mythology
Army Ranks

The name needs to be easy to pronounce, not excessively long(my main mount atm is called ‘Highfield Splash Of Mystique’ and ehhh…)

Any barn names helpful as currently he is known as ‘Me’…

Thanks in advance

Is his JC name Meehan? I don’t think it’s that bad - I’d keep it!

Yes it is his JC name :slight_smile: .There are a few reasons why I don’t like it but the main one is that there have been various boxers and politicians with that name and I’d rather it not relate to either.

Centurion or Legatus come to mind

Some ideas:

Abraxas (one of Helios’ chariot horses)
Adamantium (fictional, indestructible metal alloy)
Arion (immortal horse in Greek myth)
Phaethon (one of Eos’ chariot horses)
Palladium (a noble metal!)
Sergeant Reckless (a mare, but I love her story)

Barn names…in our house he would probably end up Han Solo, lol. Hans? Mickey?

How about Major Meehan? Adds a little class

I never was good at this as we always had to show our horses under their registered names

but rather than Major… Colonel would be better to me as a Major Fault comes to mind (well Colonel Sanders does also, if he is a scared horse)

I suggested Legatus as it was a rank of general in the Roman army

My dad was a Marine officer and I rode at Camp Lejeune’s base stables for years. They named all the lesson horses and color-guard horses after Marine war battles. Inchon, Tripoli, Saipan, Danang, Guam, Guadalcanal, etc. That would work for Army battles as well…

Grounds for Divorce.

Ask me how I know.

Grounds for Divorce.

alternate name maybe

Irreconcilable Differences… but I don’t think that would fit on a halter


Lieutenant M
Major Crush
Major Nelson
Major Healey
Trident of Triton
Triton’s Charm
Iron Born
Platinum Born

Bucephalus - the name of Alexander the Great’s horse. call him Bo for short.