Show names needed for a bay mare

So I’m going to be taking a mare I’ve been training to a couple shows in the summer, and I need show name ideas!
Here’s some information about her:

-Her name is Elpeida, based off the greek word elpida which means hope.

-She’s bay with a white strip to a snip and three socks (she also gets gorgeous dapples during the summer)

-She stands at around 15.1-15.3hh (I’ve never stuck her to find out so thats just an estimate)

-She’s around 10 years old

Also, I thought that I’d add in what I’m looking for in a showname.
I need it to be “professional” (just not something like ‘flaming star’ or else my trainer will veto it, because she has the final say in the name). It also doesn’t have to include Hope or Elpeida, I’m pretty open to ideas. For some reason I’m also intrested in one-word adjectives. Like for example some of the horses at my barns shownames are Elated, Contradicted/Contradiction, Relentless, ect. Again, it doesn’t have to be like that I’m just throwing ideas out there :slight_smile:

If you want pictures/videos of her, my riding instagram is @equstriemma. She’s the bay mare.

what breed is the horse? what discipline do you compete in? I love to think of show names!

Ah sorry, I should’ve specified! She’s a thoroughbred and I ride in hunter jumper!

Why not just show her under Elpeida? It’s perfectly lovely name, unique and elegant.