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show names??

Hi everyone! My friend and I recently started working on a project horse named Zip. (I don’t own him nor is he for sale. We’re just doing this for fun) I may do a schooling show with him next summer and I would like him to have a show name. He is a black and white pinto with a snip the continues under his chin. He’s quite stocky and pretty slow with big movement. he likes to eat and is a registered QH. We haven’t jumped him yet so zero idea how much scope he has. Any show name ideas/suggestions? Thanks!

Ok so I actually love coming up with this kind of thing –
How about Zipster, Zippit, Zip me Up for relating to his name.
Relating to his color you could do Wet Paint (i love this one), Paint me a Rainbow, Etch a sketch, True Colors.
Hope this helps, sorry that they’re not amazing…

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lauren_horses04 Your suggestions are AMAZING! I love Wet Paint and Zip me up! they’re so cuttteeee! I’m trying to pick a couple so I can put a poll up!

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Zip to Win

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Use his registered name?

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Though if he is pinto, isn’t it true it cannot be registered AQHA? Maybe APHA.

Color Me This
Zippidee Doodah (or however you spell that.) :slight_smile:

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Its Zippity Doo Dah, very cute and goes with his barn name, I think that would be my first choice. I also like Lauren’s suggestions, Wet Paint and Zip Me Up.

Hi everyone! just to clear up the confusion, I do not own Zip! I was told he was a quarter horse and we weren’t shown his papers so he might be double registered/apha. I think all your ideas are amazing!!! (I also don’t know his registered name)

Zip Code


Ok so… I did some research and we’re pretty sure Zip is registered with the APHA but has quarter horse bloodlines:) so I was wrong in my original post. thanks for all of your wonderful ideas! keep em coming! (jk lol you can post if you want)

I’m not a QH bloodline expert, but grew up in an area with lots of reiners, I was going to say - if his name has anything to do with zip, there’s QH in there somewhere. If you’re not doing AHQA shows and don’t care about people knowing you have a Zip horse, I LOVE the Wet Paint name :slight_smile:

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I might be able to talk his owner into showing me his papers… Then we’ll hopefully know what bloodlines he has! I think my friend will probably like the name Wet Paint as well:)