Show shirt for thicker necks?

Shot in the dark here and weird question: anybody have recommendations of show shirts (context is hunters) for those with thicker necks? I can’t find anything that doesn’t choke me that has a body that fits me (Medium typically). For reference, Essex are too tight in both M and L. Thank you!

I have the same problem! If you are looking at newer (no choker) shirts, this might not work, but I have a pair of collar extenders (buttons w spring “elastic” from a men’s dress shop or dept store) that I keep in my show bag. They help tremendously. I have also moved buttons on collars & chokers. So, I guess that half answers your question, right?

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Same here! I have the Dover show shirts-- the modern ones, with snaps, in tech fabric, that work pretty well. Granted they are a tiny bit “baggy” in other places because I’m not a Large in them, but Medium is far too small.

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Ahh, show shirts. There’s nothing like that feeling of being strangled to soothe away any show nerves!

I have run into the same problem with Essex. I usually end up buttoning the shirt incorrectly (on purpose) then pinning down any gaping fabric. The Essex shirts that button all the way up vertically—rather than diagonally—seem to be more forgiving.

I have had better luck with shirts from Ariat and Tredstep in the past. I’d look up the model numbers for you, but they’re still all sealed up in winter storage.


Following because I have the same problem. I do find the Horze and Asmar shirts fit better.

All I can tell you that the Kerrits, Equine Couture, and TuffRider show shirts don’t fit around my neck even when they’re a size too large in the body. I have not yet found one that fits comfortably.

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Bumping up this thread to see if we can gather any more ideas! Come on hive mind!