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show shirt recommendations

I am in the market for a new show shirt, and I’d like to know what you would recommend. I show just in the lower level hunters and ihsa. I know i want a white shirt with a snap collar, and I think I want coolmax, but honestly I don’t know where to go from that. I want something that I can use over the summer at local circuit shows, but also use in the very cold winter at my college shows. thanks!

I recently bought this shirt in blue. It also comes in white.


Wore it at a show recently and loved it. I ended up showing an additional (unplanned) day and washed the shirt in the hotel and hung it up to dry. It was perfectly dry by the following morning.

Am planning to buy another one.

Essex talent yarn. I thinkkk Farmhouse has some on sale for $70 each.

Essex :slight_smile: The talent yarn version is my favorite for the summer, but I don’t use it for IHSA shows in the winter because I can’t fit Under Armour under it.

I just got an RJ Classics Prestige show shirt and it seems really nice. I have bought a couple of lower-end Coolmax snap show shirts, and all of them were rather see-through. I think if you go middle- or upper-range, like RJ Classics or Essex, the materials are higher quality and opaque. If you always leave your coat on it probably isn’t an issue, but if they waive coats for heat and you are stuck wearing yours for modesty’s sake, it sort of ruins the point of the Coolmax fabric IMO :lol:

Love my Essex Talent Yarn (thanks to great suggestions from other COTHers a few months ago) :). You may want something warmer for your winter shows though.

I’ve developed a hatred for show and everyday shirts made entirely of synthetics. In my experience they stain too easily, they stink and are hot and then the fabric sticks to your skin, and they don’t have that nice cotton feel. The ones that are supposed to be cooling are often made of net and/or are nearly see-through, which I refuse to wear, even under a coat. Yuck.

I like Beacon Hill’s and the RJ Classics cotton-blend shirts quite a bit, and I have a couple of older Romph ones that are also cotton. At this point, I generally end up looking for anything with cotton in interesting colors (I ride jumpers, so I wear any color I like that looks good with my coats).

My two favourite show shirts are my FITS shirt and my Ariat Sunstopper. (I haven’t tried the Essex Talent Yarn). Both the FITS and the Ariat are lightweight, cool (temperature-wise), snap collar, and wash well.

The Ariat sunstopper is our favorite and at $47 it’s hard to beat


I am in LOVE with these shirts…I have two…so well made…I even wear mine to the office!


Add me to the list of happy Cheval customers! I absolutely love Jen’s shirts, and won’t buy anything else now that I have discovered them. They are beautifully made, look stunning when worn to non-horsey places, and are just all around lovely. I have quit even buying other brands of white button down shirts for regular wear, and have my Cheval’s do double duty as both riding shirts and “normal” wear as well.

Oooh, I love those Cheval shirts! I think I’ve found my next shirt…

foursocks, you will not be disappointed! The stretchy material is just wonderful under a jacket, but you cannot go wrong with the heavier material either, especially want to have the shirt do double-duty for you as a “regular” shirt. They are really, really nice.

Awesome! Um- how do they fit? It says they run small, but I’m pretty…underendowed, let’s say, and usually wear a S or XS in shirts. I’ll measure before I order, but thought I’d get some input. Sorry to hijack!!

I’m less than well endowed, so can’t comment how they run through the chest. I wear a small or medium in most shirts, and wear a stretch 6 or a regular fabric 8. If it helps, I’m about 38" around the chest, 18" across my shoulders. The arms do run long enough to have a good bit of cuff poke out of your jacket, and the shirt itself is long enough to stay tucked in even with a really good jumping effort. :wink: The tailoring really is just so flattering on everyone I’ve ever seen try a shirt on as well!

I can’t imagine Jen being anything shy of wonderful to deal with, so if you send her your measurements, I’m sure she’ll help you get the perfect shirt.

And no, I’ve got nothing at all invested in Cheval, beyond absolutely loving the shirts! :smiley:

Try a local consignment shop. You can try on a few and find out which cuts fit you best.

Thank you so much for the shout outs for Cheval - I really wish i knew who these super fans are - so glad you love them and so nice of you to show your support.
four socks just write us at info@chevalfashions.com and we’ll gladly help you with the sizing.
And for all the reasons you state is exactly why i use cotton and cotton blend - feels so great/doesn’t stink/yellow etc - you’re so right. And of course you get that beautiful classic look.

For reasoanbly priced but super comfy I like the Romph with the magnetic collar.

For a splurge I love my Winston shirts