Show shirts...

In need of advice on show shirts, plain ol’ white ones. Most every brand I’ve tried on that fits me through the body has a collar that is FAR too tight, snap or traditional. The only brand I’ve found that does not have this issue is the starter Tuff Rider shirt, which seems to have permanently wrinkled on me despite creative attempts to get them out. I’m happy to spend more in a shirt that fits. Used to have a lovely RJ classic shirt that fit until my boobs finally decided to join the party, but even that collar was a hair tight for my comfort.

So, advice on brands with more generous collars?

Equine Couture has the biggest collar of them all. Mine is crumpled up in the back of my closet. It just looks ridiculous. I have a small head and neck, though.

I have the same issue. I just went to the men’s counter in a department store and got a set of collar extenders like these:|&dimComboVal=collar+extenders|&currentDim=Item+Type&currentDimVal=collar+extenders&colorizedImg=DP0903201317085689M.tif&urlState=/men/shop-clothing/dress-shirts-ties/ties-accessories/collar-extenders/_/N-1nopeqZ1z13spl/cat.jump.
Won’t make the collar a whole size bigger, but lets me breathe. They just live in a little baggy in my show bag.

If you get a snap collar shirt sometimes you can move the snap. I find it way too far over and mine haven’t suffered from moving them over a bit.

I just got an Asmar email about their Victoria show shirt, it is gorgeous and looks like it might have some adjustability around the ruched collar. Of course it probably costs about a million dollars but its a stunner. Its white, but its definitely not “plain.”

I just checked, it is only $148!

It’s a bit of a pain, but you could always get one that fits in the neck and have the rest tailored.

I’ve had the same issue, FWIW, but usually just wind up sucking it up even if it’s hateful.