Showing Hanoverian Yearling

Hi guys!

I am showing my Dancier filly in 6 months at a warmblood show - by then she will be 18 months.
I have been looking around the net for a nice bridle OR filly slip, but still haven’t found anything I am 100% keen on.

What do you guys use? She has a quite refined head and very pretty - thats what everyone thinks about their own horse :lol:
Do you use the “slip” or a bitted bridle?
Some photos of her in this link

Any help or suggestions would be great!

Thank you :slight_smile:

I must have tried 12 off-the-shelf halters, plus raiding my friend’s tack trunks, and could not find one to fit a very fine-headed yearling filly. I broke down and got a show halter from People on Horses. I took her measurements, and POH customized it for me. It was jaw-dropping expensive, but g-g-g-gorgeous. I had perfect strangers come up to me at Devon to ask me about the halter:

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Is it okay to use a bridle without a bit? Maybe this summer I’ll get the courage to show my two y.o. filly.

OP what is the damline of your filly?

What is a warmblood show?

Unfortunately, you can’t show a 2yo in a halter… you have to have a bit.

Ahf - jaw dropping! Stunning halter & horse!! I will have a look at their website.

Laurierace - it’s basically so people get to show their progeny. I’m
Taking mine to get the experience.

Clint - she is out of an imported SPS Londonderry x Akzent II mare :slight_smile:

Thanks Meow!

Thinking ahead…here’s what you need for next year when showing in a bridle… very affordable, and perfect for those fine heads. The browband has just a touch of bling, and I really liked the drape, and the rolled cheekpieces in addition to the rolled nose.

Ahf, you are most welcome she is beautiful. Who is she by?

Thank you for the link, I think that would suit Divinity. I am
Not sure of ill do the halter or bridle (maybe an excuse to get both) haha :slight_smile:

She was my final foal, by Fielding, and was sold in October. More complete pedigree on her “alumni” page:

I would love to see a picture of Divinity in her new accessories when they arrive!

I also have a very pretty headed yearling that I showed the past year (she’ll be 2 this year, so I have to try and find a bridle for her). She’s got a really pretty, shorter, pony-head. I talked with ahf, but decided I didn’t want to spend a lot of $ so I did not go with the company that AHF used.

Instead, I bought a nice halter for $40 or so from Schneider’s Tack with rolled leather and got the Arabian size. They have a ton of “refined” halters at Schneider’s because of their big Arabian base of shoppers.

You can see her wearing it in this album

I have essentially the same halter that Edgewood has (although smaller as I use it for showing foals at inspections). You can sort of see it in the link below. I had it made by Quillins, and they could certainly make a rolled leather halter for a larger size.

Having said that AHF those are beautiful (as well as the horses wearing them)!! You may have just ruined my pocket book:( That POH site is solo nice.

And Edgewood, your mare is LOVELY!!!

Hunter breeding? YHS?

All your horses are gorgeous guys! I really do like the slip you showed AHF… I’ll have to see if a saddlery here in Australia can help me out :slight_smile:

You’re in Australia? The showing conventions there (and in NZ too) are a bit different than the US.

In Australasia it is usual to have a bit on a yearling (but not mandatory). The bridle is brown flat leather (not rolled) with brass oval buckles and a flat caveson. The bit is brass (or gold) also, often a tiny loose ring on a black nylon straight bar. The lead is leather clipped on using a brass ‘V’ chain or use a lead with a butterfly attachment. The browband can be plain or crystals but for the show ring it is more usual to have a handmade coloured browband.

You would not be sneered at for using a black rolled leather filly slip but in Australasia they tend to only be seen on Arab stock. IMO it would be assumed that your filly is an Arab/WB.

EBLodge shows it well on their youngster Ellington:

Wagners Saddlery sell excellent quality ones:

Kerole - thank you for your input, much appreciated!
I am European myself and I hope this does not offend anyone, but I really don’t like the ribbon browbands & flat bridles. For some reason it reminds me of ponies. Each to their own of course! :slight_smile: I am not a show or hack person at all, I just want to take my little girl out for some experience so she gets used to being out and about.

Kerole – I have a question for you about Australasia showing. Why is that they show warmbloods in shows that seem like they are Arabian shows? For instance, I have seen the posts on Facebook about W.Ellington being the Champion Stallion at something that seemed (to us in the US) that it was an Arabian horse show? Yet Ellington doesn’t have any Arab in him (so not even half Arab).

And they seem to do a lot of clipping on the warmbloods around their eyes like an Arabian show horse would?

I am just trying to understand as it seems like there is some crossover of Warmbloods into the Arab shows even if they do not have any Arab blood?

See here:
Champion Led Arabian Warmblood Stallion?
Champion Ridden Arabian Warmblood Stallion?
(but he has no Arabian blood)


Edgewood - I was thinking the same thing :slight_smile: He is a lovely boy regardless!

Hi Guys,

I will clarify the Arabian Warmblood thing. In Australia, there is the Purebred Arabian Studbook and the Arabian Society some years ago started an Arabian Derivative Studbook. An Arabian Derivative pre-August 2012 only had to have Arabian in their pedigree, no matter how minute and catered for the following breeds Arabian Pony, Arabian Riding Pony, Arabian Warmblood, Quarab, Arabian Stockhorse and Part Bred Arabians. Come August 2012, the Arabian Derivative Studbook was restricted by the Society that oversees it to new registrations for Arabian Warmbloods that had a minimum 12.5% Arab or both sire and dam were already registered, now allowing a window for a small amount of low % Arabian Warmbloods to still register. I cannot speak for the other Arabian Derivative breeds, there were changes across the board, as I am only involved in the Warmbloods.

The probable motivation into opening an Arabian Derivative Studbook was to commercially support the Society when Purebred Arabians were struggling with registrations and show numbers some 20 years ago (I may have this wrong but this is my understanding). They have their own rings at the Arabian Breed Shows and are amongst some of the best shows to compete at. An Arabian Warmblood registration for us is a ‘secondary registration’ to the normal Warmblood rego for Showing.

I have two horses registered Arabian Warmblood, W.Ellington whom is mentioned above and a Quaterback mare. The changes to the studbook mean I cannot register any more youngstock, but as my horses train on their focus is Dressage.

As to presentation, present as you see the best for your horse. What we do works for us and gets us fantastic results in the Show Ring.

To the OP, we have a Hollingrove horse as well :slight_smile:


Hi Tracey,
Thank you for clarifying this - much appreciated. W.Ellington is certainly always immaculate presented, so what you doing does work :slight_smile:
Well spotted as to her being a HG, small world. Is your Quarterback the HG?

Yes, Tracey, thanks so much for the explanation. I always wondered when you posted about Ellington and Qursed on Facebook and the whole Arabian Warmblood aspect of it.

And yes, your horses always look immaculate! Although it is really interesting to see the differences between countries on how they groom and present their horses. The Australian photos remind me much more of a British influence (the pattern on the butt, no saddle pads at times) with an Arab influence versus an American style of grooming.

And then there is the European no trimming of whiskers and clipping. To me that looks messy, but to them, that is normal.