Showjumping Clinic - Harrisburg, PA - Feb 18-19

Harrisburg Showjumping Clinic - multiple divisions, auditing opportunities as well, young horses welcome

Amazing opportunity in beautiful indoor arena at a private farm (address 770 Piketown Road, Harrisburg PA 17112)

Upcoming riding clinic with international grand prix showjumper and trainer, ELIZA LEHRMAN (more about trainer below)

RSVP/QUESTIONS CONTACT: Kathryn Papp DVM 802-238-0094 (texting best!) or email , or FB message her at ( )

Sat/Sun FEB 18-19 (1 or 2 days of riding and training depending on preference of attendees)

We can accomodate up to 3 groups of 5 within a day if need be. Ideally just 2 groups of 5 to make an AM and PM session.

Each group will be no larger than 5 riders and will be grouped by experience and riding/individual horse goals. First come, first serve !

350$ to ride 2 days, 2 hrs per day
200$ for one day, 2 hrs
If there is availability - private 45 min - 1 hr lesson either day for $100
Auditing: 20$/day

Mild refreshments and drinks will be provided free to riders and some will also be available for purchase!

Fees collected from auditing and food and gift sales will go to support our non-profit organization, PA Racehorse Rehoming!

HERE IS THE IMPORTANT PART - PM me OR TEXT me ASAP at 802-238-0094 if you are interested in attending!

Things I need to know are (include info in your message):

A) your full name and riding level of you and horse partnership that you will be attending with (including comfortable jumping height)

B) if you prefer 1 or 2 days of clinic

C) where you would be coming from and if you would need any sort of accomodation for you or your horse

D) goals you are working to accomplish or specific concerns/issues you would like to address during your riding slot

E) if you would prefer or be interested in a private lesson on one of these days

"Eliza Lehrman is originally from New York. She had the benefit of training with several great horsemen including: Andre Dignelli, Norman Dello Joio, Michell Grubb, Robert Crandall and Kate Oliver.

She competes in the jumper ring and has been a successful Grand Prix and young horse rider. She has the knowledge and foundation of the American Showjumping system from the equitation, hunter and jumper experts with whom she worked. She also has years of experience living and riding in Belgium where she acquired additional training techniques.

She has created a unique and personal training and teaching style that is a combination of what she believes to be the best of the principles she has learned along the way. The basis of her training is grounded in the basic fundamentals of position, balance and connection.

Eliza begins with a horse in training with the goal that the horse should reach its full potential through correct, diligent training and experience.

When her horses are sold, the new owner can be assured of a horse with a strong foundation, rideability and potential for continued success.

She has produced many horses that went on to be successful horses in the professional and amateur rings including: Onatello VDL (Chelsea Moss), Platini VDL, Martha Louise (Conor Swail), Every Way (Lauren Hough), Downtown (Heritage Farm), Lada (Pamela Nalefski)."

Her and her partner ride at and manage Five Way Farm in Mechanicsburg, PA. You can view their website at:

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