Showmanship jackets/blazers for poors?

Other than Hobby Horse, where can I get inexpensive jackets appropriate for showmanship? Looking to spend just a couple hundred or less. I prefer a more understated look over all rhinestones and I’m hard to fit so I haven’t had any luck looking at used sites.
Alternatively I’ve seen people wearing blazers, can you just buy regular business blazers and use those? What do you wear under them?

While showmanship is definitely not my thing, I compete in it to get points toward the all-around championships. The showmanship outfits worn by the people in my barn range from extremely blinged out stuff (mostly the kids/young adults) to more reserved, tailored outfits (the older adults).

My showmanship jacket is actually a fairly inexpensive black hunt coat I bought on sale. It fits me like a traditional blazer. I swapped out all the original buttons for vintage, black, cut glass Czech buttons. Then I added black Swarovski crystals and small silver nail heads around the lapels and collar. These additions catch the light just enough to add some subdued sparkle.

Depending on the size of the show, I wear it with Kimes Ranch jeans in a very dark denim or black slacks. Under the jacket I wear either a simple western shirt or (if I’m feeling festive) a more colorful Hobby Horse blouse. My horse is a bay roan with a silvery tail, so I wear a pink, wine, cream or pale gray blouse. Some gals wear a narrow necktie in showmanship with a blazer for a reserved look. Me? I just leave my neck bare and dazzle the judges with my big ol’ blingy crystal earrings. :laughing:

Hope this helps. Maybe you’ll get additional tips from the others here who show western.


I wear a off the rack woman’s blazer with a plain shirt and turquoise earrings and pendant. Brown jacket when I showed my chestnut and black when I showed my black mini. It’s not blingy but I don’t like bling and if I show in showmanship and have a class where I show the minis in an english show halter, the jacket is appropriate for both classes, I just take the hat off and I’m good to go.


I had a shockingly nice western dressage shirt custom made off a seller on ebay! Super risky, but I love it…one of the few things I own that fits my long arms! Find a seamstress near you that might work with you to make or alter something to be suitable. People think it’s more expensive than it can be. I have had dresses made locally and it was cheaper than a typical off the shelf dress!

Where are you showing? AQHA shows? Other breed shows? Locally?

You do not have to have the BLING BLING BLING. I know it’s popular but it is not required. If you do in there and you smoke the field with a perfect flawless pattern, you’ll win. And it won’t matter what clothes you are wearing.

This past year, I’ve actually seen more plain outfits popping up in the show pen at AQHA shows. I myself do not do showmanship there (I do more the ranch, reining, etc) but I’ll often sit in the stands and watch everything else. Just to see. For some of the outdoor summer AQHA shows, I’ve seen people wearing jeans for showmanship too.

There are lots of used pages on F B that you might be able to get your hands on. Then take to a local seamstress if needed.

Yes, you could absolutely just go buy a nice suite blazer, with a plain shirt underneath and tada.

So yea, look put together, have your horse spotless, but focus on your PERFORMANCE!!