Shows Without Papers?

Are there any horse shows out there that don’t require registration papers? Where can I find them, and in what disciplines?

Where are you located? Most local open nonbreed shows do not require papers.

South Texas

Open shows, some breed shows have open classes, schooling shows. Might check your FB (if you do FB) local events pages to find them.

No papers needed for plenty of disciplines ie barrel racing, cutting, roping, team penning and similar events.

Western dressage is gaining ground and no papers needed if done through a national organization. NAWD has virtual shows which is kind of fun.

Open shows rarely require papers of any sort. If the horse is colored, hardship papers can usually be granted through Pinto, Palomino, or similar organizations.

Grade horses are more than welcome to compete in NRHA events. If you are showing in the green reiner class, no competition license is needed. Once you start showing in Rookie & up, you’ll need to get a competition license but registration papers are not required.

SHOT I don’t think they need to be registered but I counldn’t find it quickly.

I just signed up for this with my baby who needs more experience, think it’s open to all breeds.

Pretty much only BREED shows are the ones that are going to require papers. Of course, always double check with show administration, but most open shows do not require papers.