Side Effects of Equioxx

Has anyone seen any negative side effects from Equioxx? I am giving it to a new-to-me horse for arthritis and am wondering if it is contributing to her stress level (she’s having a hard time transitioning here). Actually I’m even giving her just half a pill.

I’ve given it to a few horses and haven’t noticed anything in particular. Can you clarify what you mean by stress and transitioning?

Mine gets ulcery, and acts like he’s jumping out of his own skin on the ground and under saddle. I can give it to him for 14 days and he seems ok, but after that he’s a mess. It’s happened 3 or 4 times (before we realized what was going on and that it was related). Omeprazole clears it up.

If you search for threads about Previcox, you’ll find some more input.

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Thanks. I think I might give her a break from it and give her some Nexium and see if I see any difference.

Re transition/stress. She is a foster horse, surrendered directly from her owner to me (through a shelter). She came to me at the end of October and had a very difficult time with the move. The short version of the story is she was kept by herself for many years and is a senior horse. She is now great in most ways except that when she thinks she is being separated from my horse she still shows A LOT of anxiety (whinnying, trotting around her stall, etc.; the other day she broke her stall chain). She is even anxious if they are in separate paddocks (they are in the same paddock except when I’m moving them from grass to the dry lot). She has been on an anti-anxiety med for several weeks now.

I’m just wondering if the Equioxx is not helping the situation.

Anything is possible for any individual horse. I used Previcox 1 to 3 times a week for many years on a senior the last few years it was still working and then for about 8 years in retirement. From age 17 to 29. No issues. Nobody has shared any issues on theirs with me. The only thing I ever noticed or heard of is sometimes it works so well, we realize the horses quiet behavior was a result of chronic discomfort and when that is relieved, it can reveal a more…ambitious…horse.

But they are all different.

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Sounds like she is on her way to being severely herd bound, not problems settling in or possible side effects.

Ulcers from the move are certainly possible, but I agree that this sounds more like a herd-bound horse than anything medical.

There has been a thread on this before. One of mine got crazy reactive/spooky/stressed on it. It was an uncommon side effect noted in the clinical trials.

So … suggestions on how to work on the herd-bound behavior? I have already started small separations. The plan is to work up to longer ones but starting with baby steps. I had a gelding that was a bit herd-bound when I got him but he just got over it. I did put him on a calming supplement, which she is on already.

Thanks for the info!