Significantly weak right ankle?

So, my lesson today was extremely difficult. My right ankle kept tucking in, and I kept trying to take the weight off the outside of my foot but I just wasn’t strong enough and kept turning back in. Tried taking my feet out of the stirrups to rotate my ankle a few times, but it didn’t help much. I had to sit down during my two point multiple times because the tendons would start to burn. Meanwhile, my left leg is perfectly stable… My trainer told me it’s probably just because my right ankle is weaker, and to do some exercises. Any ideas? My right ankle’s always been far weaker than my left :ambivalence:

If you can find it, balancing on one foot on the half bubble balancing ball works well. A sports injury therapist told me to do that at one point. If you do not want to get equipment, just balance on your one leg. I know it sounds like a balancing exercise but it will help strengthen your leg/ankle as well.