Silicone Full Seats

I know I am way behind the curve here, but I would like finally to try a pair of silicone full seats. I am just getting my horse back in work and honestly, I’m looking for a sticky seat to help keep me in the saddle in case we have any hiccups (spooking, bucking, whatever) when we finally get beyond some very easy W/T. I don’t care that they will be too sticky later on. I want super sticky now.


Hands down my stickiest breeches are my Buckwilds


Free Ride Equestrian has some very comfortable great silicone full seats!

Love mine from Romph and Le Meuix.

In the last year or so, I’ve gotten several new pairs of silicone fullseats, which I’d been reluctant to try before. But out of all of them, I think the random Amazon breeches folks recommended on here are the stickiest:
I was shocked at how comfortable and sticky they are, though they are on the cottony side, so a little heavy in the summer heat.

Hot weather/showing, I really like the Tredstep Neros. I wish they came in more colors!

CAN’T stand them. The squeaking spooks my horse and is embarrassing and my pants stay stuck to the saddle when I post.


I agree - I have lots of silicone full seat breeches and the Buckwilds are definitely the stickiest!

Tropical Rider Enduracools full seat deerskin. Just on sale for $150 like a week or two ago.

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I wonder if they have changed in the past few years? I ordered a white/black version maybe 3 years ago for shows, and they are one of my least sticky pairs.

Current favorites are the Tredstep Nero. Nice looking, sticky, but not ridiculous (got better/less aggressive after a couple of washes,) and no squeak. I particularly appreciate the little bits of silicon inside the waistband that keep my shirt tucked in!

I just bought a pair of the Maya Delorez full seat compression breeches - SO sticky and amazing all-around! My holy grail of breeches!

I like the Piper full seat silicone tights - they’re like yoga pants and so breathable for summer. Dover makes a very sticky full seat tight for around $40 - definitely a great budget option if you want to try something really sticky but you’re not sure if you like them yet.

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Gonna try the Dover’s, thanks.

I like them too but my latest pair is definitely LESS sticky. It has the little silicone pebbles instead of the decorative design all over that looked like hot glue. Those things are DA BOMB for stick.