Silla Argentino - register as SF or Holst?

I have bought a 4 yr old Silla Argentino, bred in Argentina, whose sire is reg Selle Francais (with Holst, SF, Westf. lines) and dam is reg SA with Zangersheide, Han, SF lines. Your standard Euromutt. :wink:

Since I might want to breed her one day, and I don’t think there’s an SA-USA organization, what registries might accept her? Presumably with a mare inspection? Is that something you do before she’s bred ideally, and better yet while she’s in the first flush of youth? :grimacing: I understand some registries are easier than others.

If her dam isn’t Holsteiner they may not inspect her. I would decide which registries you would be interested in ( as in close inspection sites) and send them her pedigree to see if she is eligible to be entered in their studbooks. And I would get her inspected now while she still has her girlish figure and is sound ( hopefully she will stay that way for a long time but you know horses). With pedigrees so mish mash these days it will be hard to tell what she will be eligible for. I have only dealt with the AHA and they were really nice and I am sure the rest of them are too.


Thanks Susan - that’s useful info!

Congratulations on your new horse!

Thanks! It’s been a long and arduous hunt. I’m so excited :grin:

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Well an update of sorts. I contacted the following registries to see if she was eligible to be inspected by them, with the following results:

Westfalen - no reply
Selle Francais - no reply
Hanoverian - no reply
RPSI/Zweibrucker - no reply
Zangersheide - no reply
Holsteiner - eligible, video inspection available, nearest physical inspection in my state about 7 hours away and no dates planned yet this year.
Oldenburg - eligible, 4 inspection dates planned in my state, three of them not far away.
KWPN - eligible, one inspection about 5 hours away.

…And now I understand why a lot of horses are reg Old NA around here!

Can anyone say if I should make a special effort to try and get her inspected KWPN or Holst, or just go with OldNA? (Bearing in mind that I hope her breeding years are far away and I don’t have any stallions in mind)

Also once a mare is inspected, do you have to pay annual fees to keep her up to date until you breed? (ie can I get her inspected then go away and carry on with life until I choose to breed, or would I need to get her re-inspected at a later date if my membership lapsed?

OldNA allows you to add a mare into their MMB without inspection for a fee… uh… what if she was a conformational disaster zone? That doesn’t speak well of their book, surely?

To paraphrase George Orwell " All the registries are equal but some are more equal than others". If at all possible I would choose Holsteiner or KWPN with the video inspection sounding better than a long trailer ride. I don’t know about mare dues. If their website does not explain them I would inquire with the registery you choose. There used to be some Holsteiner people on here but they haven’t posted in a while. Maybe they will re-appear?


thanks @SusanO

Convenience aside, what are some other reasons to choose one registry over another?

I have heard that KWPN are very helpful with data and info about stallions?
Some registries are more lenient/less stringent I guess?
What else?

I am pretty sure that the Selle Francais registry won’t give you anything more than a “certificate of pedigree”, unless BOTH parents are registered with them.

Ah yes - SF website says

"- Non SF mares already approved with WBFSH recognized registries will be entered in the Label Mare book after review of their original breed registry’s inspection scores by the breeding committee. Further requirements may apply.

  • Non SF mares already approved with WBFSH recognized registries and that do not meet the ANSF breeding committee’s requirements will need to pass an inspection by an approved SF judge prior to entering the Main or Label Mare Book. If these mares do not enter the main or label mare book, they will be eligible for the auxiliary book"

As they don’t have an inspection tour listed, don’t appear to do video inspections, and didn’t reply to my email asking for info, I am not going to pursue giving them my money.

Maybe have a look at the Anglo European Studbook. The AES is pretty high in the WSHBF rankings and has some tip top athletes in it, in all three Olympic disciplines. It does do USA grading. I have the impression that function is more important than any specific stud book, so long as there are 3 generations of breeding available.

So the AES choice would be one to allow more access to European stallions?

If you needed to sell her in the future, or her offspring, I think the KWPN registration would add more value than the Oldenburg. I’m no expert though!

The website for the Studbook is very detailed and informative It explains linear evaluations, how the grading is done, lists performance data of registered horses, gives details of stallion offspring. They are easy to contact to answer specific questions - an automatic chat box came up when I was poking around looking at registered stallions (Big Star is AES as well as Hann). Initially it was set up in the 1980s to register British-bred warmbloods but they have broadened their objectives and have good links with other European countries and do have evaluations in the USA.