Silver dust

Ok shot in the dark. So, Silver Dust is my favorite racehorse and I sense he might be on the cusp of retiring if he hasn’t already, he last worked in mid September (1/18 i might add) and even though he still had a win this year he is approaching 8. I didn’t know if anyone here was familiar with his connections and had an inkling where he might end up? He seems like a good candidate for old friends, but he’s also his owners most successful horse so maybe he’ll end up retired on his owners farm? It is also possible he’s just on a layup since he is very much still fit.

I don’t see anything in Silver Dust’s record that indicates he’s close to retiring. He’s a very talented older horse and it looks to me as though his connections are handling him with care.

He won a G3 at Keeneland in the spring, raced at CD in June, took the worst of the summer heat off from racing and is now quite possibly working toward a race at Keeneland, a track he clearly likes. His last work was 3 weeks ago, his previous work was 3 weeks before that. A fit, older racehorse will maintain his condition much more easily that a young horse coming up, so there’s no reason to pound on him.

A horse that’s earned nearly 100K in three starts this year doesn’t sound to me like one that needs to be retired.


I hope so :grin: he’s definitely the horse that got me reinvested in the sport. It’s sad fair grounds isn’t opening to the public, I was hoping to see him run in person again, but I guess I’ll have to see if he makes it to 9 for that. His half brother Forza Di Oro is also very talented.