Silver or Black Spurs?

Are silver or black spurs more appropriate for schooling shows? Or does it matter?

My next schooling show is one we’ve shown in once before and is formal. Show jackets, gloves, tall boots, etc.
I thought black spurs would be more subtle on black boots, but my local tack shop only sells silver, so I was wandering if riders should typically wear silver in shows.

It doesn’t matter, especially at a schooling show. I rarely see black spurs and the ones I do see are just the rubber-lined - the actual spur is silver. Silver spurs are traditional.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an entirely black spur? I’ve seen them were the arms are rubber lined so as not to mark the boot, and roller balls where the plastic ball is black; either of those is fine for showing if it’s what you have.

If you’re not used to wearing spurs and are just buying them for this show, don’t do it. If you and the horse are not used to them, putting on new equipment just for a show is not a good idea.

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I have never seen black spurs, do you mean the rubber lined ones that hunter51 mentioned? Silver is traditional although I wouldn’t think it matters for a schooling show.

You people must not shop around as much as I do! :wink:

Silver is fine and expected.


I’m primarily a jumper rider, so my opinion is not of the particularly conservative variety (though I do show in the hunters here and there). I started using black spurs a few years ago. I like them a lot. I had a couple of pictures that I loved except for a flash of sunlight on the silver spurs, and that’s what sent me looking. I have a couple of pairs of painted/coated black spurs and more recently started using a plastic brand of spurs that lets you swap out the actual spur element to whatever each horse needs. I really like them, though I’ve lost a few of the ends through the last year, so wish there was a way to just order pieces individually (though the spurs weren’t terribly expensive to start).