Single Vent vs. Double?

A while ago I purchased one of the Animo jackets from Dover when I happened to notice them go on sale.

The jacket is actually a single vent, not double, and it seems like basically all show jackets these days are double. So I was a little surprised about that. At the risk of sounding totally vain - is it just a major faux-pas to show in a jacket with a single vent? Am I committing crimes against horsey fashion? :eek:

It has been a while since I have been in the show ring so am curious about people’s thoughts. I will be showing in jumper ring.


Single Vent vs. Double? :confused:

Won’t make a bit of difference

“Real hunters” aka Foxhunters jackets have a single vent. You’ll be fine.
If the judge notices the number of vents on your jacket, either the jacket is too small or your butt is too big.

Just ride well.

With things like that, I figure if the ONLY thing the judge notices is my jacket (or my non-fancy stitched bridle or whatever) that I had a fantastic round!

If you are competing in jumpers, I would think it is even more of a non-issue.

I’ve seen Reed Kessler and Katie Prudent both riding in single vented jackets as of late. I think this is one that she has on here:

A single vent is very traditional, both for fox hunting and showing and perfectly acceptable. At one time single vent jackets were the only style available.