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Sire in 2014 for a Bavarian WB Mare (Stedinger/Grand Pilot I R/Rio Negro)

Looking for insight!

I have a bay 16.3+ Bavarian WB mare on lease with the bloodlines Stedinger/Grand Pilot I R/Rio Negro. http://www.sporthorse-data.com/d?i=11005794 Sire options are: Dolany, Camiros, Ariadus, or Cancara (all from Fox Fire Farms with fresh chilled option).

Sweetheart of a mare, great mind, affectionate, good conformation, modern build, long legs, and topline. I would like to add some bone to her but not have the foal be too heavy. In the video she looks short necked but she is not; just waiting to get a better photo after a beauty day.

Good eventer but can improve upon the gallop in her offspring. Natural to dressage and jumping - carries both in her bloodlines. Her dam was an outstanding show jumper and her sire speaks for himself. SJ with her owner: http://youtu.be/a8VRrIYEaqE

Thank you in advance!

I would look to Lagoheider and Schwartzennager. Both have strong jumping pedigrees but produce both upper level dressage and jumpers.

The mare is droolworthy. congrats on getting her for breeding

I should learn to read for comprehension ! Of the foxfire stallions, maybe Cancara just because I believe I read he will be going back to Germany after this year

What discipline are you hoping the foal would be suited for? I can’t quite tell but it sounds like eventing. In that case, from Karen’s stallions, I say Ariadus, hands down! I have loved each and every one I’ve met temperament-wise, and they all have so much “try.” He has offspring that do it all.

Serendipity Farm Sporthorses - Thank you anyways! I will add them to my list of stallions to look into. I may have her next year as well. I have a C-line mare (with 37.5% Cor de la Bryere) who I’d love to cross with Cancara but she is older and was left open last year. Fingers crossed on her. I’d love to keep any foal by her for myself.

ShannonD - Thank you for the input. Ideal is a well rounded foal who can go in any direction. My foals are started in eventing to see what they prefer. I personally hope for eventing but this mare is different than my TB x WB crosses for eventing. I plan to cross Ariadus on my Dutch WB x TB mare for an eventer prospect.

I enjoyed meeting all of Karen’s boys last spring when I was out. I love the input on Ariadus’s offspring too. I own a Limoncello II colt so at the rate I’m going I may own a foal from each stallion!