Site constantly freezing up on mobile device

I’m on a relatively new phone (Pixel 4a), but have noticed I’m continually getting “Browser isn’t responding” errors when navigating posts or boards. In my experience, this error comes up due to a script that’s taking up too much memory or something similar. I know this was addressed before, but curious as if it’s still happening for anyone else…?

I get the same problem on my iPad. Just plain won’t load or freezes on Safari browser

Ditto on my iPhone.

Ditto on a newish Android tablet. It is pretty painful.

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For the past few days, the site has been locking up on my iPhone. Seems like it’s mostly on the forums that are lower on the page (Current Events, Off Topic, Off Course).

This hasn’t been happening on any other websites that I go to.

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Thank you all for reporting the issues. I’ve passed on a link for the thread to the development team to look into the problem.

Please feel free to continue to update here.

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I have an old iPhone 6SE and the page seems to crash and reload on COTH. I don’t have the issue on other sites.

About 98% of the time, I look at the BB on my iPhone using Safari, where it often freezes, crashes, etc.

Today I happened to look at it on a tablet using Android, and it seemed to work much, much, much better on that device. FWIW.

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I am now getting a “504 Gateway Timeout” error. Running Firefox on a Mac.

Both my iPhone and iPad keep getting page refreshes for problems, then out & out crashes for repeated problems. It’s not logging me out this time, but the multiple, repeated reloads and crashes are very annoying!

Members of the development team were on vacation for much of last week, so hopefully this issue will be looked into this coming week.

Thank you all for the information and apologies for the trouble!

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Plus my iPhone touchscreen seems to be super wacky when I try to type anything on this site. I don’t notice the same problem on other sites. I don’t know if that could be related.

It’s often a tossup as to whether my wacky touchscreen or my voice to text option is more likely to produce gibberish in my posts. Lol.

How is performance doing now?

It has been much better for me (iPhone 8 plus). It hasn’t locked up for several days. Thanks!

No change for me.

Seems to be better! Thanks!