Site is crashing my computer

@Moderator_1 FYI…Something is going on with site.

I am running a Mac on OS 10.10 (yes, old OS, but I have 32-bit software that is not compatible with newer OS) with Firefox browser.

This week something changed with the site and the computer resources (per Activity Monitor) are bogging down the computer until it either freezes and/or crashes.

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I am now today getting a “504 Error - Gateway Timeout”…but the page still loads…and the Activity Monitor says 65% resources are idle

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Same and my It guy at work said the site tried to give us a virus :sweat_smile: using phone now!

@Moderator_1 I tried to log on with my computer today and I’m getting security error messages in both Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Running Windows 10 and browsers updated as far as I can tell.

I’m talking with another poster that is having the same problem as Christa_P and no computer nor mobile device will bring up the site, @Moderator_1 .

Thank you all for the information! I’ve reported it to the tech team and will report back when I hear anything.

For the record, all of a sudden I keep getting the Timeout - Gateway Error too, all of a sudden on my iPad.

I’m getting the gateway error as well. It happens when I’m signed in.

Still nothing?

@Moderator_1 I just had my computer crash when I tried playing an embedded youtube video.
Running Firefox 109 on a Mac running OS 11.2.3