Sites for Selling Horse Trailer

I have a super nice, but oddball, brand trailer that I want to sell. I have an ad on a local Facebook page, the local dressage classifieds and horsetrailerworld. It’s so unusual that I’m afraid it won’t get much attention on horsetrailerworld. I’m planning to take it to a local dressage show and putting a “For Sale” sign on it.

Would anyone have other ideas they would like to share?

Sometimes big dealers will take one on consignment or just buy it outright to resell. In my area we have Dixie Horse & Mule Co. who does this.

Thank you! I do have the option of selling it back to the dealer but want to try on my own for a bit.

Apparently used horse trailers are selling fast locally. I threw mine on Craigslist as a start, since it’s free, and sold it from that ad (last summer).

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Great to know! Thank you!

I was offered $6K trade in on my 20 year old Merhow 2 horse SL bumper pull --decided to see what I could do myself. Like you suggested, I put a sign in the window (phone and $9K OBO), then put it on Facebook Market Place (lots of great photos), Craig’s List, and HorseTrailerWorld (cost $13 for that one). By the time I punched in the last ad --took me about a week to get around to listing it in the various places, someone had been out to look at it, and bought it for $8K. DH said I could have gotten more, but the buyer was a woman I know --so I was good with the sale price.

DD who is an attorney gave me some advice --CASH ONLY --that means the $$ is in bills and placed into your hand --no check, no money order, no “the shipper will pay you.” She suggested meeting the buyer at the parking lot of the police station to do the exchange (I didn’t do that because I knew the woman and had for 30+ years).

I would say 10-15 people called and wanted to do a cashier’s check, or money order, or bank transfer. None of them wanted to come see the trailer in person before the “shipper picked it up.” —one was particularly insistent, telling me I didn’t know what I was doing – said she “couldn’t get cash.” Well, what was she going to use to buy the cashier’s check? Unicorn statues?

DH said “there are ways” to go through a bank --escrow, etc —but cash-in-hand always works. And banks charge for most of that stuff.

So no matter what story anyone tells you — be wary! Scammers have had a lot of practice buying trailers and ripping off sellers --I’ve only sold one trailer!


I bought mine off Kijiji. Paid by e-transfer.

I found my Circle J 16’ stock (highly unusual brand for my area) on horsetrailerworld.
Listed by a dealer in MI.
Traded in my 4Star 2H slant w/DR & drove away with a check for $500 to replace a bent jack & rotting wood floor in the nose.
Dealer undoubtedly made $$ from reselling, but I got what I wanted, got all repairs done (completely new floor using 20’ treated boards) & got the trailer I wanted.
Maybe your dealer can work the same trade - assuming you will be looking for a replacement?

@Foxglove Thanks for that advice.
I will be selling my PT Cruiser. By Owner unless a local dealer will give me cash.
When I sold my F250 buyer did pay cash.

The person who bought my old trailer financed it through a credit union, so cash wasn’t possible. She sent me a$1,000 non-refundable deposit through PayPal because she was driving from Montana to Idaho (12 hours) to get it. I told her she had to get here during bank business hours and meet me at my bank. She brought the cashier’s check from her credit union and we deposited it in my bank, used the bank’s notary to notarize everything, so I felt comfortable with the process. I doubt a scammer would want to show up and meet you in your bank, but anything is possible!

FWIW, I tried advertising on FB both local tack/horse groups as well as regional and national horse trailer groups and over a month or so had two sales that fell through (this was a FeatherLight, so a sought-after brand) but sold it on Horse Trailer World within a couple days.

We sell most all we list on CL. Cash is always preferred-- unless it is a known, local business.

This is great information. I have a Kingston Brunswick 2horse gooseneck walk-through w dressing room that we bought brand new and used less than 25 times. We no longer have our truck with the bed hitch so I’ve been thinking of selling it - these are great suggestions. Thanks!

Appreciate all the tips! Very helpful! Chai, you should have no problem selling your Kingston. At least easier than a relatively unknown European trailer (Fautras)…but I’m hopeful!

consider that not everyone who buys horse trailers are actually hauling horses. Branch out construction and hobby sites.

yes, when I had my access control company we used a ramp load two horse enclosed trailer to keep our concrete cutting saw and could haul necessary water. We just referred to it as the cutting horse trailer.

Being enclosed it was contained, everything that was needed was kept there. (the diamond saw blades cost over a thousand dollar each so really need to be controlled).

The horse trailer fit the need very well, better than a construction trailer and at the time was a faction the cost of specific build construction trailer

Have you looked for trailer sales groups on Facebook that cover your part of the world? I follow several that cover more than one state and they are very active and trailers do not seem to be lasting long there at all. Good photos that show the whole trailer should get you past no one knowing the brand name.